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Manga Ponkotsu Megami No Isekai Sousei-Roku Raw

Alternative TitlesDefective Goddess' Genesis of Another World, Ponkotsu Megami no Isekai Sousei-roku, ポンコツ女神の異世界創世録

Synopsis Ponkotsu Megami No Isekai Sousei-Roku Raw

<p>Artesia Gaia Nagasus,<br> The goddess of creation went into a deep slumber in order to bring new life to the fallen planet,<br> And to prepare for the inevitable arrival of the Brave, whom she would then provide with guidance.<br> However, she woke up too early… Not only was there no Brave waiting for her, she was met with an extremely cold glacial period without intelligent life…?!</p><p>She just wants to be worshipped and fall in love!<br> This is a tale of creation, starring a defective goddess who can’t help but mess with humanity, and her journey to set the world in motion – with a few troubles here, and a little hard work there.</p>A-Z ListSearching Manga order by alphabet name A to Z.All0-9ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZHelpContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseLinksNewestRecently UpdatedPopularGenresCopyright {domain}
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