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Manga Moujuusei Shounen Shoujo Raw

Alternative TitlesDear Boys And Girls, Now It's Time To Move On!, Violent Animal Boys and Girls, 猛兽性少年少女, 猛獣性少年少女, 맹수성 소년소녀

Synopsis Moujuusei Shounen Shoujo Raw

<p>宇佐美亨は、ある夜、クラスメイトの綾部玲里の奇行を目にする。物静かで無口、黒髪流れる長身の彼女に魅了される宇佐美。昨日のことは黙っていてほしいと翌日学校で懇願された彼は、代わりにつきあってほしいと提案するが…。<br> 肉食系の恋が暴走するスリリング・ラブコメ!</p><hr><p>High School student Usami Touru bumped into his classmate Ayabe Reri, one day while taking a stroll. Ayabe is like an idol in their School. She is a usually a quiet and honest beautiful teenage girl. But by chance that night, Touru caught a glimpse of her skipping on top of a rail. The next day, Touru was asked by Ayabe to keep what he saw a secret. How will the relationship of such an unlikely couple play out?</p>A-Z ListSearching Manga order by alphabet name A to Z.All0-9ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZHelpContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseLinksNewestRecently UpdatedPopularGenresCopyright {domain}
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