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Manga Madoushi Wa Heibon O Nozomu Raw

Alternative TitlesThe Magician Wants Normality, Madoushi wa Heibon o Nozomu, Madoushi wa Heibon wo Nozomu, The Mage Wants Normalcy, The Magician Wants Normalcy, The Sorcerer Wants Normality, This Mage Desires Mediocrity, 魔導師は平凡を望む, 魔導師的平凡願望

Synopsis Madoushi Wa Heibon O Nozomu Raw

<p>突然異世界へ飛ばされたゲーム大好き社会人のミヅキ。持ち前の行動力と魔法の才能を活かし、異世界で魔導師としてたくましく生き延びていた。そんなミヅキの非凡な才能を見込んで、王国の超美形王子・エルシュオンから、ある「お願い」が言い渡されるが…!? 「やるからには好き勝手させてもらいます!」自分の道は自分で切り開く!ドS魔導師ミヅキが贈る、爽快異世界ファンタジー!</p><hr><p>One day, Kosaka Mitsuki was abruptly sent on a trip to a different world. She was an otaku, so she adapted really fast. Then she decided to live her life as a magician.</p><p>She made a living by making full use of the benefits of the automaticly translated knowledge and language of her original world. But reality was harsh.</p><p>She was keenly aware that she was handling ‘Bishie’ from this different world who could easily conquer a maiden hearts and dreams.</p>A-Z ListSearching Manga order by alphabet name A to Z.All0-9ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZHelpContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseLinksNewestRecently UpdatedPopularGenresCopyright {domain}
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