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Manga Kindaichi 37-Sai No Jikenbo Raw

Alternative Titles37 Year Old Kindaichi Hajime Case Files, The Case File of Kindaichi age 37, คินดะอิจิ 37 กับคดีฆาตกรรมปริศนา, 金田一37岁事件簿, 金田一37歲事件簿, 金田一37歳の事件簿, 긴다이치 37세의 사건부

Synopsis Kindaichi 37-Sai No Jikenbo Raw

<p>数々の難事件を解決してきた高校生名探偵・金田一一が37歳になったら?原作・天樹征丸、漫画・さとうふみやの本家本元コンビが描く、まったく新しい金田一シリーズ開幕!はじめちゃんの職業は!?美雪との関係は!?やはり殺人事件は起きるのか!?気になることが盛りだくさん。是非ご一読を!</p><hr><p>This is the sequel to the popular Kindaichi Case Files franchise, set 20 years after the original version! Hajime is no longer a student detective, but is a poor office worker who has to deal with the daily pains of adulthood. No longer wanting to solve cases anymore, he keeps his head down and tries to go about his daily work as quietly as possible.</p><p>But crime never takes a break, and it isn’t long before Kindaichi gets dragged into cases that occur around him. Starting off the new series, we revisit Uta Island, for the fourth edition of the Opera House Murder Case, where the Phantom of the Opera is planning a bloody revenge.</p>A-Z ListSearching Manga order by alphabet name A to Z.All0-9ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZHelpContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseLinksNewestRecently UpdatedPopularGenresCopyright {domain}
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