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Manga Fuji No Yamai Wa Fushi No Yamai Raw

Alternative Titles不治の病は不死の病., Incurable Disease Is Immortal Disease, The Dark Doctor Ikuru, 不治の病は不死の病

Synopsis Fuji No Yamai Wa Fushi No Yamai Raw

<p>未知の病が降り注ぎ「病が病を生む世界」へと荒廃した時代――。治療のために外法を繰り返し、追放された【ヤミ医者】イクルは自身も不死身の病を抱えていた。死にたい彼が死にたくない世界を救うSF医療冒険譚!</p><hr><p>A catastrophic event has thrust the world into an age where disease begets disease. Ostracized for his unconventional treatment methods, the dark Doctor Ikuru is stricken with an immortalizing disease. On a desperate mission to die, he must save a world desperate to live. This medical science-fiction adventure will go to the very edge of humanity and back in one man’s search for an ending to his suffering, all while saving the world he wishes to leave.</p>A-Z ListSearching Manga order by alphabet name A to Z.All0-9ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZHelpContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseLinksNewestRecently UpdatedPopularGenresCopyright {domain}
Author Hechii
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