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Manga Marquis, Leave Me Alone!

Alternative TitlesHe's Not Into Me, Hầu Gia Nhà Ta Không Sủng Ta, Marquis, Leave Me Alone!, My Marquis Lord Doesn't Pamper Me, Tuan-ku Tidak Menyayangiku, Wǒjiā Hóu Yé Bù Chǒng Wǒ, ใต้เท้าที่บ้านไม่รักเรา, 我家侯爷不宠我

Synopsis Marquis, Leave Me Alone!

“My marquis always has those days every month…to suck blood! What should I do? ”Su Li, a quirky slave girl, is mistakenly bought by the cold-faced and arrogant Marquis to treat his bloodthirsty disease. In the most horrible Marquis’ residence in the capital, a series of hilarious stories are coming soon…(Taken From Mangatoon)Original Webcomic:AC.QQ, KuaiKan Manhua, IQIYIOfficial English Translations:Mangatoon, INKR Comics
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Chapter list: Marquis, Leave Me Alone!