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Manga Come on Out, Romeo

Alternative TitlesThe Events of Romeo’s Household, 出てきてください、ロミオ, 나오세요, 로미오

Synopsis Come on Out, Romeo

Romeo Montague, a boy thrown into the attic with disgust after an accident five years ago. Although the world knew him as a boy unable to move due to a horrid afflicted illness, he lived a happy and fruitful life as a hermit in the attic. Only his cousin, Benvolio, and the housekeeper, Miriam knows the truth. But his peace breaks when Miriam’s brother, Abram, enters the mansion. “I’ll get you out of this room on your own feet!” “You don’t need to make such promise.” Romeo begins to solve Abram’s various troubles with a single thought and determination to preserve his peace in the attic. Meanwhile, an unexpected adversary appears in front of him half-heartedly. RAW Click Here Official Translation : English, Japanese
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Chapter list: Come on Out, Romeo