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Manga Warrior Nun: Dora (2019-)

Synopsis Warrior Nun: Dora (2019-)

Warrior Nun, now a Netflix original series, re-launches this summer for readers of all kinds with a new Nun and new attitude! The Satanic Panic of the 80s has fallen away to a new wave of rebellious kids in rural Pennsylvania in the 1990s. Dora, a grunge-obsessed teen, is caught in the middle of what appears to be a dark ritual, and is sent away to a secret school by her devoutly religious parents. There, Dora is shocked to find a group of nuns that fight against the forces of evil - but when undead horror comes Dora's way, what will this misfit do to protect herself? Each issue has a full-length chapter of Dora, then also has a special look into the vaults to celebrate over twenty years of Warrior Nun with ultra-rare stories and art! Looking for the next big thing? Have faith in Warrior Nun!
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