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Manga Cloak And Dagger: Predator And Prey (2018)

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Synopsis Cloak And Dagger: Predator And Prey (2018)

The lives of Cloak and Dagger take a dark turn! Nightmare seeks to use Cloak to destroy his old foe, Doctor Strange — and if Dagger can't unravel the plot fast, Cloak will die! And while Black Cat crosses Dagger's path, the horrific Mr. Jip makes his debut! Why have he and his minions Day and Night targeted the light-and-darkness duo? In other action, Cloak and Dagger encounter the Punisher, Power Pack and the menace of Mayhem — and when Dagger's soul is corrupted, it's X-Factor to the rescue! But can the shattered duo survive Inferno? Plus: C&D face the threat of…Jack the Ripper?! Collects material from Strange Tales (1987) #3-8 & 19; Marvel Graphic Novel: Cloak And Dagger — Predator And Prey; Cloak And Dagger/Power Pack: Shelter From The Storm And Mutant Misadventures Of Cloak And Dagger #1-4.
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