You Can Finally See How Pokémon TCG Cards Are Actually Made

PokéBeach, a Pokémon Trading Card Game fan site, has released an internal video and post detailing how card packs are made from start to finish. The Pokémon Trading Card Game has been an integral part of the immense Pokémon brand for quite some time now, and fans of the game should be very interested to see how these cards come together.

Pokémon TCG cards have been around for nearly 26 years and maintain their popularity to this day. Expansion packs for the game include types, series following the video game, and even specific cards like the Pokémon TCG's Charizard Ultimate Premium Collection to be released next month. Many sites have shared how to strategize gameplay, collect and sell, and even how to make a custom card, but none have been able to show how the official cards are actually created.


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An article and video posted on PokéBeach goes into step-by-step detail on how Pokémon TCG Ultra Prism cards are made. The video was originally produced for employee use only, but it was leaked a few months ago, and PokéBeach has now confirmed that it contains no proprietary information, allowing it to be shared with the public. The Pokémon Company International and Millennium Print Group work together to create, edit, translate, draft, and print the packs and their sought-after holographics.

Pokémon TCG's Cards Go Through A Lot Of Revisions

The entire process begins with an Excel sheet, listing text to be translated and new artwork to be added when needed. After translations and templates, the full art cards are done, keeping to Pokémon TCG illustration artwork details standard to the franchise. Each step, revision, edit, and card sheet are checked for quality, signed off by a chain of approval. Almost a month later, cards are sent to print and shipping, but not before being quality checked, scanned, coded, and even periodically pulled to be checked again.

The quality and hard work put into the Pokémon Trading Card Game packs is very intensive. Without the feeling of a standard documentary, viewers are still able to see what happens behind the scenes for one of the world's biggest card games. The consistency and high standards have been applauded by fans so far, although some are worried that fake Pokemon TCG retailers will use the video to improve their work. Without the $8.5 million printing machine alone, they hopefully won't be able to trick the fans for very long.

Source: PokéBeach