Xbox Series X As A Coffee Machine Is A Great Way To Start Your Day

An artist has turned an Xbox Series X into a coffee machine through the magic of image editing. The brick-like design of Microsoft's latest console has inspired a number of Xbox fan comparisons and designs, and even a few jokes from the company itself.

When the Xbox Series X was first revealed, the public response to its design was mixed. Many questioned how they would fit such a console on a shelf, considering how tall and wide it was. The cooling requirements of the Series X also came into criticism from some prospective owners, as Microsoft said that the console would need four-six inches of space in all directions around it just to maintain adequate airflow. The sheer size and shape of the Xbox Series X prompted comparisons to a fridge, a joke that became reality when Microsoft released an official Xbox Series X mini fridge. Now the company has given another nod to a more recent take on the console's well-known design.


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Twitter user Fakes Forge has posted their own image edit of the Xbox Series X, turning it into a remarkably convincing coffee maker. The hypothetical machine is even complete with a pair of Xbox-branded mugs in celebration of International Coffee Day. Fakes Forge is a Polish account, and the image has already gained the recognition of Xbox Poland as well as Aaron Greenberg, the VP of Xbox Games Marketing.

Fakes Forge Has Made Convincing Edits Gaming Edits Before

As their name implies, Fakes Forge has created a number of other well-designed fakes. One of their newest image edits shows the would-be box art for a modern rerelease of Jade Empire, with different cases for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions. Another recent edit imagines what the promo poster for Amazon's Mass Effect TV series might look like, even though the show hasn't even been greenlit for production yet.

Microsoft's modern marketing strategy has been to embrace many of the jokes and other fan creations involving Xbox Series X and its software. It's certainly not the only publisher in the industry to adopt that method, either, with PlayStation and its related studios often interacting with fans over Twitter to celebrate their creativity. An official Xbox Series X coffee maker may not take off as fast as the Xbox Series X fridge meme did, but there's no doubt that a lot of fans would still want to buy one.