WRC Generations Has Officially Been Delayed

The developers of WRC Generations have announced that the game has been delayed to November. WRC Generations is the next officially licensed game of the World Rally Championship and it will be the last entry created by Kylotonn, as the license has gone to Codemasters for future entries.

WRC Generations was originally supposed to launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on October 13, 2022. The game was also coming to PC in November, being released slightly later than the console versions. The fanbase initially learned of a delay from retailers stating that the game had been pushed back to November 3, though there had been no word from the developers at that time.


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Kylotonn has now officially confirmed that WRC Generations has been delayed. The console versions of the game will now launch alongside the PC version on November 3. The reason given for the delay is that the game needs a little more work before it's ready to hit store shelves. This is a relatively light video game delay in 2022, with console fans only needing to wait a few extra weeks. It bears mentioning that a Nintendo Switch version is also on the way, and it has to release before the end of the year, as the developers told Traxion that this is due to the license expiring.

WRC Generations' Delay Had Been Spoiled On Retailer Sites

WRC Generations Car Cove

Kylotonn has put a lot of effort into WRC Generations, having held the license since 2015's WRC 5. The game intends to offer the most realistic rally driving experience possible, with at least 37 legendary cars that are authentic to real-life vehicles. WRC Generations will bring back the popular Career mode, allowing players to manage every aspect of their own team. WRC 10 was already impressive, and WRC Generations is planning on ending the Kylotonn era with a bang, by including as much content as possible.

WRC Generations marks the end of an era for the WRC series, as Kylotonn has been producing the games for nearly a decade. This won't be Kylotonn's last foray into the racing market, as the developer has Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown coming in 2023. This game has abandoned the PS4 and Xbox One in order to provide a true current-gen experience. The current WRC fans on consoles have to wait a bit longer for the game, but it's in the service of WRC Generations being as good as it can be. WRC Generations debuted at BigBen Week 2022, and the game had a great showing at the event, so there's every reason to believe the team has things in hand.

Source: Traxion