Wolfboy and the Everything Factory Season 2 Clip Teases Danger Ahead [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant can exclusively present a new clip from season 2 of the animated Apple TV+ adventure series, Wolfboy and the Everything Factory. Returning to the streaming platform on September 30, the series is developed by Emmy winner Michael Ryan (Kung Fu Panda) and produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt's company, HITRECORD alongside Bento Box Entertainment (Bob's Burgers). Toff Mazery and Edward Jesse are the minds behind the show, which follows an imaginative oddball who uncovers a new realm at the center of the Earth.


The epic second season of Wolfboy and the Everything Factory follows the titular Wolfboy (voiced by newcomer Kassian Akhtar) as he discovers a new realm underneath the Everything Factory, where the mischievous Nyx (voiced by Ted Lasso's Juno Temple) attempts to lure him to the dark side. While there, he makes new Spryte friends and journeys on a quest to unite the forces of creation and destruction. The series also stars Archie Yates (Jojo Rabbit) as Sprout, Lilly Williams as Xandra, Cristina Milizia (DC Superhero Girls) as Floof, Abigail Estrella (Alice’s Wonderland Bakery) as Seth, and Gordon-Levitt himself as Professor Luxcraft.

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In Screen Rant's exclusive clip from Wolfboy and the Factory season 2, Wolfboy and Floof both contemplate whether Nyx is really on their side or out to get them. Just as he's convinced himself that everything will be alright, his new sprite friend Seth pops in to confirm the opposite: Wolfboy is in danger because the generals don't like that Nyx brought a human to the realm. But when he tries to make his escape, he finds himself trapped in more ways than one. Watch the full clip below:

In the clip above, Seth offers to find Wolfboy a way out of the realm—but only if he takes her with him. As sweet a story as Wolfboy and the Everything Factory is, this scene does a great job at fleshing out the unsettling danger that lurks beneath the whimsical nature of the protagonist's adventures. Thankfully, a few friends can go a long way, and the show is invested in exploring the power of friendship to help those in need.

Apple TV+ has made a name for itself as a home for quality entertainment across the board, but its delightful kids' shows especially deserve more recognition. Other projects in its award-winning slate include the groundbreaking new series El Deafo, Bonnie Hunt's critically-acclaimed Amber Brown, and the sweet teen drama Life By Ella.

Wolfboy and the Everything Factory season 2 premieres September 30 on Apple TV+.