Will Hugh Jackman Return As Wolverine In Avengers: Secret Wars?

There is now a more realistic chance that Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine in Avengers: Secret Wars if Marvel Studios can convince him to. Once the Marvel Cinematic Universe began exploring the multiverse, speculation mounted that the X-Men franchise star could one day come back. Deadpool 3 is officially bringing Hugh Jackman's Wolverine back, giving the MCU another piece of Fox's X-Men franchise. Before this news broke, there was growing speculation that Marvel would have Wolverine return in Avengers: Secret Wars.


Now that Hugh Jackman is officially back as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, it would seem that a return for the sixth Avengers movie is even more possible. Instead of keeping the door closed on his days of playing the mutant after Logan, Jackman returning for Ryan Reynolds' movie shows that he can still be convinced to suit up again. However, the Deadpool 3 announcement video makes Hugh Jackman's Wolverine return in Avengers: Secret Wars a bit less likely. Reynolds refers to Hugh Jackman returning "one more time," indicating that Deadpool 3's Wolverine return is his last appearance. But that was also meant to be the case for Logan, so perhaps an Avengers: Secret Wars role would entice Hugh Jackman.

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Why It's Possible Hugh Jackman Can Return As Wolverine In Avengers: Secret Wars

MCU Wolverine Confirmed

The reason why it is possible for Hugh Jackman to return as Wolverine in Avengers: Secret Wars is the movie's expected story. The comics have told variations of the Secret Wars story, but all of them involve the multiverse. With Kang's introduction in the MCU, mentions of incursions in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and the growing presence of the multiverse (hence naming Phases 4-6 the Multiverse Saga), it is quite clear that Avengers: Secret Wars will be able to use characters from across Marvel's movie multiverse. Hugh Jackman playing a Wolverine variant has long been thought to be a move Marvel Studios would make.

Wolverine's return in Deadpool 3 now has the ability to set up Hugh Jackman's possible return in Avengers: Secret Wars too. The movie is going to have MCU connections in some form, but its September 2024 release date also means Deadpool and Wolverine's adventure will arrive eight months before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and a little more than a year before Avengers: Secret Wars. If Marvel does have plans for Hugh Jackman to return in the Phase 6 movie, Wolverine's Deadpool 3 role could go a long way in setting up the possibility.

How Long Can Hugh Jackman Continue To Play Wolverine?

Logan - Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Avengers: Secret Wars could also be the last opportunity for Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine. He'll be 57 by the time Avengers: Secret Wars hits theaters, and the physical requirements of the role mean he probably should not keep playing him for much longer. Since he seemed ready to hang up the claws before, the combination of Deadpool 3 and Avengers: Secret Wars could be the right time for Hugh Jackman to truly retire from playing Wolverine. That must come sooner than later too if the MCU plans to introduce a new Wolverine.