Why Wells Adams Is The Heart & Soul Of Bachelor In Paradise

October is almost here, and Bachelor In Paradise is back with everyone's favorite beachside bartender, Wells Adams. Before BIP season 8 even aired, ABC dedicated an entire trailer to Wells, reinforcing his significance in the franchise. Wells became a part of Bachelor Nation when he joined JoJo Fletcher's The Bachelorette season 12. While things didn't work out, Wells quickly became a fan favorite for his authenticity and humor. Wells ended up locking down a romance with Modern Family and Love Island USA's host Sarah Hyland. As a taken man, Wells stepped in to replace the equally beloved Jorge Moreno as BIP's resident bartender.


This year, BIP's producers prepared Wells to help cast members feel all their feelings in paradise, evident by this trailer from the Bachelor Nation on ABC YouTube channel. Wells has been bartending on Playa Escondido for four seasons. He's a part-time alcohol expert, a full-time therapist, and a recreational romance commentator. Wells adds plenty of insight into what is going on down by the beach and provides grounding energy for the entire cast. At this point, many fans return to BIP season after season to catch up with the famous bartender. Wells even wanted The Bachelor franchise's host gig, a role he would have excelled in. However, while Wells did host the final episodes of BIP last season after a very messy season, Jesse Palmer is in paradise for the first time this year.

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Wells Adams Looks Out For The BIP Cast

Wells Adams Bachelor in Paradise

As BIP season 8 finally got rolling Tuesday evening, the drama and hijinks were already in full force, with Wells at the heart of them. Couples started forming almost immediately, and Wells was here for it. However, as the night dragged on and couples found their corners, one BIP alum was growing frustrated. Lace Morris left the beach early in the evening to whine in her room. While everyone had reservations about Shanae Ankney coming to BIP season 8, she decided to check on Lace and see what she was up to.

After coaxing her to come down and talk to some guys, Lace was greeted with a big hug from Wells, who told him it was her birthday. "Well, I'm thirty-two," she said, and Wells answered, "well, you look great" before cheering to "Lace being back on the beach." When Wells asked if it was really her birthday, she said, "just go with it." Wells commented, "Lace isn't getting a whole lot of attention here in paradise, so she has the great idea to tell everyone it's her birthday. Is it her birthday? Absolutely not. When is it? Sometime this year. My birthday is closer to right now than Lace's birthday." Wells was happy to indulge Lace in her BIP season 8 antics and drag her a little too.

Lace's birthday antics may have only been semi-successful as she brought a cake out to Logan Palmer, who called her "Luce" by accident; however, Wells' hilarious commentary was spot on. Moments later, he was cupping Casey Woods' "C-cup" man boob before cheering for a smooch between him and Lace. Wells guarantees good energy and a good time no matter who comes to paradise. If The Bachelor franchise is lucky, he'll stick around for years to come.