Why Matthew Turner Deserved To Win Big Brother 24 (& Why He Didn’t)

On Sunday, Matthew "Turner" Turner came just shy of winning Big Brother 24 and taking home the $750k grand prize. Turner had played a strong game, both physically and socially, all summer long. Despite this, Turner, unfortunately, did not manage to secure a spot in the final two chairs on finale night.

Turner quickly became a fan favorite among viewers at home when he defended Taylor Hale against the bullying she was experiencing from other houseguests. Both Turner and Taylor were a part of the seven-person Leftovers alliance that dominated a majority of the game. In addition to this, Turner's quirky personality and comical hatred for Jasmine Davis grew fans' love for him.


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Despite playing a strong game up until finale night, Turner did not find himself in the final two chairs. Had he made it, he would have put up a good fight against either Monte Taylor or Taylor Hale. Turner had three Head of Household reigns under his belt. During his last reign of power, Turner targeted the biggest threat in the house Michael Bruner, who even broke Big Brother records this season. Turner managed to get Michael evicted during the second double eviction, freeing up a chance to win the game for both himself and the remaining houseguests. In addition to Michael, Turner also got out another big threat, Ameerah Jones, during his first HOH reign. During the toughest week of the season, Turner had to ultimately nominate one of his best allies Kyle Capener after the house was made aware of racist comments he had made earlier on in the summer. Therefore, Turner was responsible for getting three big threats out of the game throughout the season.

Turner Didn't Have Good Jury Management

Big brother 24's Monte Taylor and Turner

Although Turner had his fair share of competition wins and big game moves, he did not have the best jury management. As viewers at home were well aware, Turner did not get along very well with his Festie Bestie Jasmine Davis. While it was comical for viewers, inside the house it affected Turner's game. He also was not very close with many people outside of his alliance aside from Alyssa Snider. Had he sat next to Taylor in the final two, Turner would not have had a chance at winning, similar to Monte. On the other hand, had he sat next to Monte in the final two, it would have been a closer battle as Monte also did not have the best jury management.

Ultimately, not winning the final Head of Household competition is what cost Turner the game. Although he was quite confident that Monte would take him to the final two, his former ally turned on him at the last minute. Luckily, Turner did not hold this against Monte and left the Big Brother house in good spirits.