Why Marvel's New Spider-Verse Hero NEEDS To Be Disney's Next Princess

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Edge of Spider-Verse #4

A brand-new Spider-Verse hero has been introduced by Marvel Comics who's debuting as the ultimate Disney princess. Known as the Spinstress, Princess Petra sings about her hopes for an amazing, spectacular, and sensational adventure. Wanting to attend the upcoming ball, what follows is a new Spider-Man origin story that incredibly combines some of the most iconic Disney princess tales into one Spider-themed package. However, Marvel also did something exceptional for this new comic with one of Princess Petra's songs being composed and sung by an actual Broadway Disney princess.


Written by Come Far Away's David Hein with art by Luciano Vecchio, "Once Upon A Spider: The Spinstress Princess" is featured within the larger Edge of Spider-Verse #4. Taking place on Earth-423 (a reference to Disney's official fan club D23), Petra is seen sneaking out of her family's castle and into town wearing a hood as a disguise (not unlike Aladdin's Princess Jasmine). However, several inspirations from a variety of Disney princesses can be seen such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, Tiana, Snow White, and more. While her stepmother (a mix of the Evil Queen, Mother Gothel, and Mysterio) prohibits her from attending the evening's ball, Petra's Maleficent-styled Fairy Gob-Mother (named Norma) grants her spider-powers and a new gown to wear (with the fine print warning about deals with demons, clones, beyonders, or wizards like Doctor Strange who could undo everything).

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As if this new story debuting the Spider-Verse's very own Disney princess wasn't amazing enough, writer David Hein revealed on Twitter a collaboration with musical theater composer and lyricist Zack Zadeck. As a special surprise, the first song in the new Marvel comic was recorded with Arielle Jacobs singing the lyrics, Broadway's current Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. Here's the recently released music video featuring Jacobs as the voice of Princess Petra's Spinstress:

Cleary, Marvel Comics and parent company Disney gave their full support with the introduction of Princess Spinstress. The artwork from Vecchio truly captures the classic Disney style (especially with the Maleficient/Green Goblin hybrid), and Hein's story is chock-full of amazing references both to the various Disney princess films and the established Spider-Man canon. It also shouldn't be slept on that Petra's potential love interest is a lute-playing minstrel hilariously named the Merry James Watson. To that end, having Princess Petra's first song recorded with an actual Disney princess is just an incredible cherry on top of an already perfect Spider-Verse hero debut.

Thankfully, this short story isn't the last Spider-Man fans will see of Princess Spinstress. The story ends with Petra being recruited by Madame Web for the upcoming End of the Spider-Verse event, so it looks as though Petra's time in the Spider-Verse has only just begun. As such, Here's hoping more songs will be recorded in the near future along with a role in the upcoming Spider-Verse films in addition to her own animated feature from Marvel and Disney (and no, that's not too much to ask for).