Why Indian Matchmaking Fans Think Nadia Is A Hypocrite

Indian Matchmaking season 2 has been released on Netflix, and it's definitely made an impression on fans, who have issues with one cast member, Nadia Jagessar, due to her hypocrisy. Deviating from the first season, the show included previous cast members, as well as many new stars who have quickly become fan favorites. This decision wasn't a big hit with some viewers, as there were almost no successful matches made between the first and second seasons.


The Indian Matchmaking season 1 villains Aparna Shewakramani and Pradhyuman Maloo returned, as well as Nadia Christina Jagessar. As previously reported by Screen Rant, Aparna did move to New York with initial flame, Jay Wadhwani. However, Aparna quickly friend-zoned Jay, and began going on dates that were set up through his friends. Pradhyuman was introduced with new girlfriend Ashima Chauhan, whom he proposed to and married on the show. Meanwhile, fans were left excited by the prospect of Nadia and Shekar Jayaraman at the end of season 1, when their love seemed to be blossoming. Unfortunately for their fans, Nadia dumped Shekar shortly into the season, which left fans with the impression that Nadia was not ready for a real relationship.

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Season two began on a hopeful note for the couple, as Shekar traveled from Chicago to New Jersey to spend time with Nadia’s family, who only had love for Shekar. Several times throughout the meeting, Nadia’s parents shared their frustration over Nadia and Shekar not getting engaged. Following the time spent with her family, Nadia arranged a mixer featuring several other marriage hopefuls, most of whom were working with matchmaker, Sima Taparia. This is where she met her next flame, Vishal Kalyanasundaram, a man seven years her junior, whom she proceeded to make out with on the dance floor later that night, in front of Shekar.

Nadia Dumped Shekar Remotely

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This prompted Nadia to break up with Shekar over FaceTime, after he returned to Chicago. She insisted that their romance had fizzled out, whereas Shekar argued that Nadia was the one who made them slow down. Shekar was left in tears, retreating from the camera, and confused about where they had gone wrong. Nadia then continued to pursue her relationship with Vishal, until he unceremoniously dumped her in Los Angeles, after traveling out to see her. Despite Indian Matchmaking star Sima’s past request that Nadia find someone age-appropriate, Nadia continued her relationship with Vishal. This left fans believing that she got her karma for being a hypocrite to Shekar.

Indian Matchmaking Fans Are Speaking Out

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Angry Indian Matchmaking fans did not hold back online. One Twitter user, Abha, said, “Love the instant karma in Indian matchmaking. Nadia rejected Shekhar saying I like you as a friend and got rejected by the same excuse. Vinesh rejected a girl saying there is no chemistry basically saying she is not hot and got rejected in the same way lol.” Another user, pillow thoughts, said, “My heart is breaking he is so lovely… i feel like Nadia simply found Vishal that little bit more physically attractive. Nothing else makes sense. Poor Shekar”.

Nadia did have a hopeful ending for herself, establishing that she still believed in love after Indian Matchmaking, which features "face reading." However, based on Nadia’s Instagram, it appears that she is still single. Although her star power cannot be denied, and fans may be seeing more of her in the future, she may not reappear on Indian Matchmaking.