Why GTA 6 Leaks Don't Reflect The Finished Game

A batch of 90 videos depicting various aspects of Grand Theft Auto 6 was recently leaked, and despite players being excited because of it, this leak most likely will not reflect the final product. Developing any game is a long process, from planning out its most basic elements to coding and animating assets, and all games go through several placeholder versions. What is seen in these videos might just be reflecting a single milestone of this process, and much can still be changed in the future.


The GTA 6 leaks consist of 90 new videos that reveal many things about the game’s story, setting, characters, and mechanics. For the first time, fans were able to see a primitive model of the female protagonist of the game, and witness many interactions involving several NPCs, including the police. With Rockstar confirming the veracity of the leaked videos, many rumors and theories about the game were confirmed, while others were doomed to remain in the grounds of false speculation. While this can be exciting for fans, Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in development for an unknown amount of time, which means that many things can still be changed before it’s released.

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The leaked videos for Grand Theft Auto 6 show a very primitive version of the game that might not be completely preserved as development proceeds. These GTA 6's leaks are bad for fans and the game alike, because many of the concepts that are creating excitement in the fanbase currently might not even be in the final game. Not only that, but without knowing for certain in what stage of development Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in, it’s impossible to predict which of these features and settings will be polished, scrapped, deemed unusable, or completely re-done in the final version.

The Leaked GTA 6 Version Is Still Incomplete

Grand Theft Auto 6's leaked footage clearly shows a game that is far from complete.

The version of Grand Theft Auto 6 displayed in these leaked videos is most obviously a version meant for testing out NPC dialog, reactions to events, and general animations. Many of the assets showcased in these videos lacked proper textures, the subtitles frequently didn’t work properly (displaying the name of the text file instead of what was being said), and in many of these videos, a control panel for the code is shown on screen. Even though Rockstar confirmed this leaked content to be GTA 6, it’s impossible to know which of these features are just meant for testing and what will be present in the final version of the game.

It’s also important to recognize that game development is a long process, and many initial ideas don’t become fully fleshed out in the final product. Hello Neighbor, for example, is a horror game that released many incomplete playable builds for players to explore, and, in the final version of the game, there were many mechanics that were notably absent. This could also be the case with Grand Theft Auto 6. Many of these locations and events might be completely overhauled and rewritten, and even mechanics such as tying someone’s hands to prevent them from escaping might not be present in the final version.

While many players are excited about the leaked concepts of the story of GTA 6, it's effectively impossible to predict what will remain in the final version of the game. Many of the assets and locations showcased in these videos might be present or completely overhauled, as well as some game mechanics and controls displayed in them. However, Grand Theft Auto 6 will certainly resemble the leaked footage in some capacity, and even this glimpse at the game in progress has fans ready for more official details.