Why Fans Dislike Tyra Banks On DWTS So Much

Dancing With The Stars fans have been complaining about Tyra Banks since the moment she stepped on set, and there are many reasons why they dislike her so much. The former America's Next Top Model host joined the show during season 29 after original host Tom Bergeron was fired. Tom was let go after disagreeing with producers over the casting of former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The former host felt that the show should stay away from politics, and he insists that he would have felt this way no matter what political party the contestant was a part of. Still, Tom was clashing with producers, and they thought replacing him was the best option.


Tyra brought a whole new energy to the show. The star has never held back from expressing her big personality, and it's helped her a lot throughout her career. She's known for having one of the best runway walks out of all the Victoria's Secret Angels because she adds personality to her strut. Fans got to know her better when she hosted The Tyra Banks Show from 2005 to 2010. However, her character didn't necessarily translate well on DWTS. Fans have called her extra and rude, accusing her of disrespecting contestants and trying to be the center of attention.

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DWTS fans' criticism of Tyra can often be overly harsh, but there are many reasons why they're so critical of the host. Firstly, fans were devastated when Tom was let go from DWTS. He had been the show's host since it premiered in 2005, and they couldn't imagine anyone else filling his shoes. Tyra clearly has a vastly different personality from Tom, and not everyone is comfortable with change. Tom was so beloved that when news broke that the producer who fired him was leaving the show, they were begging DWTS to bring the original host back. Tyra has done a lot of things that anger fans, like talking over contestants during elimination and making odd comments after their performances, but their anger could also be wrongly directed. Most DWTS fans miss Tom, and they seem to be taking their hurt out on the new host.

Tyra Banks Angered ANTM Fans By Mistreating The Models

Tyra Banks and the jury from ANTM

Fans also have a lot of anger toward Tyra due to her past on ANTM. The same year that Tyra debuted as the new DWTS host, a series of ANTM clips resurfaced on social media revealing the cruel treatment of contestants by Tyra and the other judges, like model Janice Dickinson. Due to the lockdown, people had a lot of extra time to binge-watch their favorite shows, and ANTM was a popular choice. Unfortunately, they realized the reality series was a lot more problematic than they remembered. Throughout the show, Tyra bullied the models, especially plus-sized women, and forced them to partake in some alarming photo shoots. The worst being when the models had to dress up as women of different races and another where they had to act as model stereotypes which included multiple forms of eating disorders and drug addiction.

While the hatred Tyra received from DWTS fans can seem vicious and unnecessary, the backlash may be coming from a greater place than her behavior on the show. Tyra has apologized for how she behaved on ANTM. However, many former contestants have spoken about the trauma Tyra caused them, and they don't think her apology can compensate for what she put them through. As for how much fans miss Tom, maybe the host will return someday, but for now, Tyra and new co-host Alfonso Ribeiro are carrying DWTS, and fans should at least try and give them a chance.