Why An Underrated Boruto Ninja is the Key To Konoha's Future

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Boruto #73With the imminent arrival of former Kara operative Eida, Shikamaru places the hopes of Konoha Village on Boruto and Kawaki. A more effective protective option is available, however, if he instead puts his trust in one of the series' most underrated ninjas.

With her powers of control over others, hear any conversation taking place in the village, and see anything that has occurred during her lifetime past up to the present moment, Eida is nearly invincible. Indeed, the only people immune to her powers are blood relatives, and members of Naruto's villainous Otsutsuki Clan, which at present only includes Boruto and Kawaki. Moreover, she is accompanied by her brother Daemon, who adores her. Daemon can mirror any attack, in real-time, that an opponent launches against him. Shikamaru plans to use Kawaki and Boruto to "babysit" Eida and do everything to make her happy because he knows if she becomes unhappy and starts using her power to get what she wants, there will be little anyone can do to stop her. His hope is that because she's feeling for Kawaki, she will be too infatuated with him to care about doing "bad things."


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On its face, Shikamaru's plan in Boruto #73 makes sense if everything goes as planned. Namely, Eida and Kawaki actually become friends in Boruto, which is currently her only reason for wanting to come to Konoha Village. But there are a lot of things that could go wrong. First, and foremost, there is the distinct possibility that Kawaki will not like her, or they will otherwise not "hit it off." There is also the possibility that Kawaki could be hurt or killed by Code, who sees Kawaki as a rival. In either case, Eida will not be happy and very likely to take out her anger on those she believed crushed her dream, namely Konoha. Second, the idea that Boruto and Kawaki's link to the Otsutsuki clan will give them an edge in taking her out if she decided to go off is limited by the presence of Daemon, who would be a formidable opponent. A better option does exist, however, with Sumire, if Shikamaru, Naruto, and Sasuke could just take a broader view of the situation.

Why Sumire Should Be the Boruto Ninja to Neutralize Eida

Sumire Colloquy Boruto

The Sumire option arose rather organically, from her off-the-cuff interpretation of why she thinks Eida wants to be in love so much in Boruto. According to her assessment, while it's easy to use her powers to make someone desire her, she realizes that any relationship created in this way would be a sham. Instead, she wants to find someone who will knowingly and voluntarily fall in love with her without the need to use her power on them. There has been no better explanation of Eida's circumstances in the series. It also shows that on more levels than anyone else has exhibited, Sumire understands Eida. Even Eida, who was using her powers to listen in on the conversation, was clearly impacted by the thought of finally coming across a person who truly understand her.

While Eida might now believe that her desire to be wanted and loved means she must have a boyfriend, the fact is she can enjoy that same feeling, but to a different degree, with someone like a close friend. By including Sumire in the detail accompanying Eida, she may discover that the companionship she always wanted and thinks Kawaki will provide her comes from Sumire, a friend to confide in, hang out with, and grow together. Indeed, as a result of the connection they may have already made, Sumire presents the best option for keeping Eida happy and making sure that Konoha Village and the wider Boruto universe is safe from destruction.