Who Will Likely Return For Southern Charm Season 9

Southern Charm season 8 is coming to an end, with a dramatic reunion on the horizon, and viewers want to know which stars will return for the ninth installment. Many cast members have come and gone, and following Cameran Eubanks' departure during season six, the only remaining OGs are Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, Whitney Sudler-Smith, and Kathryn Dennis. Season 8 has been explosive, so fans are wondering if there will be new faces next time.


Southern Charm season 1 aired in 2014, and cameras followed the affluent socialites of Charleston. Since the inaugural installment, there have been eight seasons, and many of them have had fans on their edges of their seats, thanks to drama-filled episodes. The most recent season saw the return of Naomie Olindo, alongside Taylor Ann Green, Venita Aspen, Olivia Flowers, Marcie Hobbs, Leva Bonaparte, and Chleb Ravenell. There has been plenty of onscreen action, due to the large cast, plus a special appearance from Summer House star, Paige DeSorbo.

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While it's likely that the original cast members will return for season 9, this has not been confirmed. Kathryn has not been as active in season 8, and her broken relationship with Chleb has left fans wondering if they will get back together. It was revealed that Shep and Taylor broke up after the installment was filmed. Taylor was a fan favorite, but usually, ex-partners don't return. However, she has made a huge impact on the group, and most viewers want her to come back. Craig will also most likely return, as his new romance with Paige (and his beef with ex, Naomie) will bring major drama. Austen and Olivia ended season 8 in a great place, and fans look forward to seeing how their romance will play out. Austen's ex Madison LeCroy is newly engaged, and viewers think that she will return.

Some Southern Charm Cast Members Are Question Marks

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Leva ended season 8 by getting kicked out of Craig's party. She stated that she was done, and fans have noticed that she has been an outsider throughout the newest Southern Charm installment. Venita has become very close with the group, but her falling out with long-time friend Naomie and other cast members leaves fans unsure of her fate on the show. Marcie, who is Shep's cousin, has been a breath of fresh air in season 8. While she has not had a major role, she would be welcomed in season 9. As for Chleb, his relationship with Kathryn began as a fairytale, and ended in tragedy. It has been rumored that he will not appear in this installment's reunion, and that may be a clue that he will not return for another season. However, Kathryn is very unpredictable when it comes to her relationships, so there is still hope that Chleb will come back.

While cast members have not been confirmed for season 9, fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming reunion. Viewers want clarity in terms of where everyone stands. Producers have set up a possibly great upcoming season, thanks to the wild action during the current installment, and many viewers want more. The Southern Charm season 8 reunion is bound to sizzle.

The Southern Charm season 8 reunion will air in two parts, on October 8 and 13, at 8/7c on Bravo.