Which Spider-Man Game Has The Best Web-Swinging

Several Spider-Man video games have let players experience the wall-crawler's web-swinging, but only one can have the best web-swinging. Web-swinging is Spider-Man's most iconic superpower. It's unique, instantly recognizable, and fun to imagine. There are a lot of ways video games have duplicated the experience of web-swinging. Marvel's Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man, by Insomniac and Beenox respectively, both make web-swinging an interesting mechanic. However, Treyarch's Ultimate Spider-Man from 2005 remains the Spider-Man game to beat for its web-swinging.


Spider-Man has been featured in licensed video games since 1982. Marvel's Spider-Man from 2018 and its Miles Morales spinoff are only the most recent of these games, and excel in almost every aspect of game design. Marvel's Spider-Man's story is fantastic, the combat is engaging, and the graphics are the industry's best. However, even though it's new, Marvel's Spider-Man could've learned from older games. Ultimate Spider-Man came out in 2005 and is based on the comic book line of the same name. At the time, the game was also praised for its story, combat, and design. Its web-swinging mechanics set it apart, however. As an example, Ultimate Spider-Man is one of the first Spider-Man games where Spider-Man actually needs an object to swing off of. This detail is surprisingly easy to miss in Spider-Man games, even in newer titles like 2012's Amazing Spider-Man. Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man incorporates Ultimate's object and momentum-based web-swinging, but it could've taken even more from its predecessor.

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Insomniac Games has received a lot of well-earned praised for its game mechanics, but some fans agree that Marvel's Spider-Man's web-swinging is too basic. There are definitely fun web-swinging tricks players can perform in Marvel's Spider-Man, but holding down the web-swing and forward buttons achieves the same mechanical effect. Making a mechanic easy isn't bad, but there's a difference between making a mechanic easy and making it shallow. Ultimate Spider-Man streamlines its web-swinging without reducing it to a single button. This is what makes its web-swinging the best.

Ultimate Spider-Man Has The Best Web-Swinging

Ultimate Spider-Man has the best web-swinging in video games.

Perhaps the biggest difference from Marvel's Spider-Man is that Ultimate's web-head does not automatically release his web-line or jump into parkour movements. Players have to let go of the web-swing button and press it again if they want Ultimate's Spidey to keep going. This gives web-swinging a good tension-and-release cycle that makes it entertaining by itself. While watching Spider-Man do acrobatic tricks effortlessly in Marvel's Spider-Man can be entertaining, after the novelty wears off, traversing Marvel's Spider-Man's beautiful New York City loses some of its appeal.

Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man aren't the only games with interesting web-swinging. Beenox's Amazing Spider-Man in 2012 also contained momentum-based traversal. Additionally, it incorporated a Web Rush mechanic. Players could hold down a button to highlight one of many positions for Spider-Man, then release the same button and watch Spider-Man perform complex maneuvers to get to that spot. This feels like a good compromise between the other two games discussed. The ideal web-swinging mechanics would incorporate the best elements of every game. Web-swinging would be smooth like in Marvel's Spider-Man, require skill like in Ultimate Spider-Man, and let players quickly perform complex maneuvers like in Amazing Spider-Man. However, until that happens, Ultimate Spider-Man remains on top.

Whenever a new Spider-Man game is released, fans can't help but rightly compare the game to its predecessors. Fan feedback and hopes for upcoming Spider-Man games are essential parts of building on a great legacy. Though Marvel's Spider-Man may be the best Spider-Man game so far, it still has room to improve. A more engaging web-swinging mechanic is what makes Ultimate Spider-Man's web-swinging the best out of every Spider-Man game.