What We Do In The Shadows: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Guillermo As A Character

With What We Do In The Shadows’ fourth season coming to a close, Guillermo has proven himself to be more useful than ever to Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja. While his name may be mistaken for “Gizmo” or “Guillermo Buillermo,” he works tirelessly to make the lives of Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja as comfortable as possible.

Guillermo is extremely loyal and protective of those he cares about and does what he can to make Nandor proud. He may have become more confident over the show’s seasons, but there will always be the parts of him that stay true to his character from the start.


“I’m Just Trying To Talk To You Like A Regular Person.”

“The Night Market” (S4.E4)

Guillermo giving side eye in What We Do In The Shadows.

At the Night Market, Guillermo and Nandor run into Familiar Fights. The main issue arises when Guillermo doesn’t want to participate because he doesn’t want to fight unless it’s necessary to keep himself and his favorite vampires safe.

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In one of his fights, Guillermo attempts to reason with his opponent to avoid a physical altercation. When that’s unsuccessful, Guillermo stays true to his refusal to fight and waits for his opponent to take himself out of the match. Guillermo knows what he’s capable of in a fight and chooses to use them when he must.

“I’m Doing Whatever It Takes To Become A Vampire.”

“The Orgy” (S1.E9)

Guillermo raising a Stake in What We Do In The Shadows.

While Guillermo is one of the show’s most likable characters, this was a tough moment for the audience to handle. Guillermo invited his lifelong friend to be the virgin sacrifice at the vampires’ orgy.

This decision demonstrates how highly Guillermo holds his desire to be a vampire and how far he’s willing to go to achieve his goal. Guillermo will put those he cares about at risk to get a little closer to becoming a vampire, showing that as selfless as he is, he can put himself first when it counts.

“I Wish You Guys Knew How Hard I Work.”

“Resurrection” (S2.E1)

A party in What We Do In The Shadows

In one of What We Do In The Shadows’ best episodes, Guillermo battles vampire assassins secretly, not to alarm Nadja, Laszlo, Nandor, and Colin Robinson. At the same time, they scold him for “lying” about Topher being a zombie.

This forces Guillermo to confront that the vampires will never appreciate everything he does, but he doesn’t hold it against them. Guillermo cares for them and wants to do what’s best for them, so he accepts that they can’t be aware of his work, showing his ability to forgive.

“Very Cool Master, Very Scary.”

“Pilot” (S1.E1)

Nandor leaning towards Guillermo in What We Do In The Shadows.

Although Nandor has been part of many of What We Do In The Shadows’ best couples, his best relationship has always been with Guillermo. This is their first on-screen interaction where Guillermo praises Nandor for the way he came out of his coffin for his first appearance in the documentary.

Guillermo knows what Nandor wants to hear, and since he’s always trying to be the perfect familiar, he makes sure Nandor receives the correct compliments. Although there wasn’t anything spectacular about Nandor’s entrance, Guillermo always makes him feel special and appreciated.

“It's Way Cooler To Be Made Into A Best Man...”

“Reunited” (S4.E1)

Guillermo holding a photo of himself in What We Do in the Shadows.

When Guillermo once again falsely believes he’s going to be turned into a vampire by Nandor, Nandor reveals the real ask was for him to make Guillermo his best man at his future wedding.

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Guillermo always tries to see the positive side of things, especially when he’s disappointed. This moment is no different as he says one may argue that becoming a best man is cooler than becoming a vampire. While he knows he doesn’t believe this, Guillermo stays optimistic and focuses on his relationship with Nandor.

“Doesn’t Mean... I’m Destined To Be This Vampire Killer.”

“Brain Scramblies” (S2.E3)

Guillermo and two other characters inside a red room in What We Do in the Shadows.

His Van Helsing heritage leads right into one of his most iconic scenes on the show, killing the entire audience before Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, and Colin Robinson’s execution.

Guillermo knows of his vampire killer lineage, but he cares so much about them that he fights any instincts that make it easy for him to kill vampires. Guillermo follows his heart, and as a loyal friend to Nandor and the other vampire roommates, he decides he won’t use his Van Helsing blood against them.

"[A Bodyguard Knows] When It's Time For Nap-Naps."

“The Casino” (S3.E4)

Guillermo hiding in bushes in What We Do in the Shadows.

As one of the funniest characters on What We Do In The Shadows, Guillermo is constantly put in situations that undermine his power with something ridiculous. Guillermo is finally not a familiar and is a bodyguard, but he still holds all the same caretaking responsibilities as before.

When Nandor is getting fussy and refuses to stop playing the Big Bang Theory slot machine to take a nap, Guillermo uses his role as a bodyguard to enforce “nap-nap” time. Guillermo will never be able to shake the fact that he will always be a familiar, even if he has a tougher-sounding job.

“Are You Gonna Be Alright Without Me?”

“Collaboration” (S2.E8)

Nandor and Guillermo wait for Nandor to take his citizenship test in What We Do In The Shadows

When Guillermo tells Nandor he has a huge opportunity to be made into a vampire quickly, Nandor tells him to take the deal. Guillermo can’t help but ask if he’d be alright without him before fully making his decision.

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Guillermo has always been clear that he genuinely cares for Nandor, and as much as Nandor tries to hide it, he appreciates Guillermo’s work and presence in his own way. Even when he’s trying to do something for himself, Guillermo can’t help but hesitate when he realizes that Nandor may be without someone to care for him.

“I Will Always Be Just A Familiar To Them. Just A Schlub.”

“Witches” (S2.E9)

Laszlo and Nandor in their neighbors house in What We Do in the Shadows

In one of Guillermo’s sweetest moments on the show, he sets aside everything to rescue Laszlo and Nandor from witches who kidnapped them for a ritual. Guillermo realized he would always be a familiar to them, there to clean up their messes and get them out of any zany situation they find themselves in.

Guillermo feeling underappreciated by Nandor and everyone else he helps care for doesn’t stop him from doing right by them. Guillermo can’t help but want to help get them out of these situations because he truly cares about their wellbeing.

“I Want To Find Happiness Too!”

“The Wellness Center” (S3.E8)

Guillermo dragging a corpse in the hallway in What We Do In The Shadows.

Guillermo has pushed so much aside about how Nandor and other vampires treat him, but he couldn’t let Nandor act like he doesn’t get what it’s like to want to be happy. His search for happiness by becoming a vampire has been at the center of every decision throughout the series.

Guillermo finally stands up for himself at this moment because Nandor went too far in not recognizing his work. Although he can’t help but feel like Nandor is taking everything great about being a vampire for granted, Guillermo wants Nandor to be happy.