What Is The Kibbe Body Type Quiz On TikTok & Where Can You Take It?

Stylists on TikTok have people rethinking the way they put together outfits based on a not-so-new body typing method called the Kibbe body type system. Generally, buying attire is a frustrating experience. A one-size fits all human body doesn’t exist, and what looks good on one person may look frumpy on the other. Add to this the fact that many people buy clothes online these days, and it is nearly impossible to try them on before making a purchase. The consumer can simplify the process by narrowing down the options that best complement their figure.


While TikTok is primarily an entertainment app, people also use the platform to educate their viewers. Creators on TikTok share their knowledge of finance, writing, and parenting. Fashion and makeup experts are a thriving corner on the platform. TikTok style-influencers have been schooling their viewers on the Kibbe Body Type test, pointing them toward online quizzes.

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Content creators on TikTok tend to explain the test in their videos, but it isn't available on the platform. Instead, people can find the Kibbe quiz online on many websites, including this one from Gabrielle Arruda to determine which of the 13 distinct body types they belong to. Learning the physique helps individuals understand what styles best flatter their natural features. The body type quiz consists of 15 questions, each with five answers to choose from. The answers are in an A through E format where the letter best represents a specific body type. For example, primarily, E’s result in a purely Romantic body type. Answer the questions honestly and tally up the results. The frequency of a letter determines the answer. The individual must take the quiz correctly to ensure effective results. Arruda explains how to take a full body photo for reference when answering. Luckily, the website also conveniently includes pictures of models for each of the answer options for easy comparison.

What Are The 13 Body Types?

Body Type Quiz TikTok

According to New York stylist David Kibbe, there are five main categories on the Yin or Yang scale – Romantic, Classic, Dramatic, Natural, and Gamine. Romantic leans into the Yin, whereas Dramatic and Natural lean into the Yang. Gamine and Classic are split between the two. Then there are eight variants among the main categories, labeling these variations soft, flamboyant, or theatrical. Kibbe invented the theory, so individuals could focus on styling the entire body vs. styling a part of the body. It is believed that finding the true Kibbe body style will lead to superior clothing choices for each person.

Even though Kibbe developed this system in the 80s, TikTok helped it resurface. Now it looks like the method of identifying a person’s figure based on Yin and Yang is here to stay. Could the Kibbe system be the solution to every individual’s styling needs? Perhaps. But the Kibbe body type test proves that TikTok is more than just an entertainment platform – it is also a discovery tool.

Source: TikTok, Gabrielle Arruda