What Harry Styles' Jack Does For Work In Don't Worry Darling

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Don't Worry Darling!

Harry Styles is at the center of Don't Worry Darling, but what exactly Jack does for work in the movie is a mystery. The former One Direction member and now Grammy Award-winning solo artist continued his branch into acting with Olivia Wilde's psychological thriller. Harry Styles' Jack is the husband of Florence Pugh's Alice and someone who quickly begins to impress those in Victory, including the town's leader and Victory Project founder, Frank (Chris Pine). Don't Worry Darling mostly portrays Jack as a hard-working man wanting to provide for Alice, but the movie's twist ending proves that is far from the truth.


For most of Don't Worry Darling's story, Jack joins the other men of Victory in working for the Victory Project. Due to the classified nature of the project, Jack is not able to disclose his work with Alice. The women of Victory theorize about what their husbands could really be up to for work and what creates the earthquakes they feel so frequently. While most of the wives agree not to dig too deep for any information since they are happy with their lives, Alice is driven mad by the idea that something is wrong. Of course, Don't Worry Darling's ending reveals that she is right, as Jack and Alice's entire lives in Victory are part of a simulation. In reality, Alice has a successful career in the medical field.

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While Olivia Wilde's movie provides insight into Alice's job in the real world, what Harry Styles' Jack does for work in Don't Worry Darling is a much bigger mystery. When Alice presses him for information on what his job is with the Victory Project, Jack only says that he is a technical mechanic. Since Jack and the other men leave the Victory Project every day to care for their wives in the real world and earn money to pay Frank for their continued acceptance in Victory. Don't Worry Darling only teases Jack's real life, including what he does for work. Harry Styles' Jack appears to be interested in tech, so he could be a programmer. However, his apparel also makes it seem as though a car mechanic could be what Jack's job is in Don't Worry Darling.

Why Jack Wants To Be In Victory In Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling Florence Pugh Harry Styles

Regardless of what Jack does for work in Don't Worry Darling, his job in real life is one of the reasons he wants to be in Victory. The brief glimpses of the real world shown in the movie make it clear that Harry Styles' character is unhappy with how his life has turned out. Jack is constantly annoyed that Alice has a successful career and works long hours, which means she does not have the time to cook for him or the energy for sex. Being in Victory allows all of that to change, even if Jack's job remains one of Don't Worry Darling's mysteries.

Seeing as how Jack is not the breadwinner of this family, Harry Styles' character views the Victory Project as a way to turn his life around and be awarded the life he's always wanted. In Jack's twisted logic, being in the simulation with Alice against her will is actually an act of love. He believes that she was so miserable and lonely in the real world that this was the only way to truly make her happy. The reality is that he was projecting his own unhappiness with life and work in Don't Worry Darling upon Alice's life because it did not line up with how he thought life would be.