What Happens To Jane Foster After Thor: Love And Thunder

With Thor: Love and Thunder now released, a big question that needs to be discussed is what will happen to Jane Foster. On the surface, Love and Thunder gives a conclusive, if not bittersweet, ending to Jane’s story in the MCU, but that might not be the case. By looking at the comics, from which the Thor movies already take heavy inspiration, it’s easy to get an idea of what might happen with Jane in future installments of the MCU.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Jane Foster used a reformed Mjolnir to try and cure herself. Unfortunately, while Mjolnir would restore her strength every time she used it, each usage would also erase the chemo from her body and make her cancer progress even faster. Jane decided to keep using Mjolnir as the MCU's Mighty Thor, however, because she wanted to use what little time she had left to do something that mattered, and she eventually died helping Thor stop Gorr and ascended to Valhalla.


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Thor: Love and Thunder ended with Jane Foster’s death, but there could be more in store for her in the MCU. As of right now, there’s been no word on whether or not Jane is going to appear in future installments of the MCU. Even so, thanks to various events in the comics, it’s possible to surmise what might happen to Jane if the character does end up still having a part in the MCU Multiverse Saga.

How Jane Foster Came Back To Life In The Comics

Jane Foster Dies in Marvel Thor Comics

While Jane Foster is currently dead in the MCU, that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, especially since she’s died in the comics. In the climax of Death of the Mighty Thor, Jane succumbed to her cancer after becoming Mighty Thor to defeat the Mangog, but Thor and Odin were able to revive her by harnessing the power of the God Tempest, the cosmic thunderstorm that dwells within Mjolnir. While it’s unknown if the God Tempest exists in the MCU, the main point of Jane’s revival was Thor combining his powers with Odin to bring her back to life, and that would be easy enough to make work in the MCU. Granted, Anthony Hopkins' Odin is also dead, but he should be in Valhalla just like Jane, and assuming that he still has his powers, there shouldn’t be an issue there.

How Jane Foster Becomes A Superhero Again In The Comics

Jane Foster Valkyrie

Following her revival, Jane Foster retired from being a superhero and focused on her chemotherapy up until the War of the Realms story. In order to help Thor rescue Odin and Frigga from Malekith, Jane became Mighty Thor again by using the Mjolnir of the Ultimate Marvel Universe. That version of Mjolnir was shattered in the final battle, but its fragments reformed into Undrjarn the All-Weapon, a magical vambrace that could shapeshift into any weapon Jane wanted.

Jane Foster, played in the MCU by Star Wars' Natalie Portman, initially had no use for Undrjarn, but that changed when she saw Thor mourning the deaths of the Valkyrior in the aftermath of the story. Realizing that someone needed to continue their duty of ferrying the dead to the afterlife, Jane, her cancer now in remission, became Valkyrie and returned to being a superhero. Currently, Jane has rejoined the Avengers to help them fight the Multiversal Masters of Evil, a group of alternate versions of supervillains from across the multiverse, and the Council of Red, a group of alternate versions of Mephisto, as they try to take over the multiverse.

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All of this provides a perfect idea of what Jane Foster could do if she ended up coming back to life in the MCU. With Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie still acting as the King of New Asgard, there are technically no valkyries left in the world, so that would serve as a good reason for Jane to become Valkyrie. As for how she would get Undrjarn the All-Weapon, it would be easy enough to have it already exist in the MCU, but keeping its original origin of being created from an alternate Mjolnir could work to tie into the MCU’s current exploration into the multiverse.

Even though Thor: Love and Thunder ended with Jane Foster dying, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s done with the MCU. Going off of the comics, it would be more than plausible for Jane to come back to life with help from Chris Hemsworth's Thor, and if that happened, then she could even keep being a superhero in her own right. There’s still no way of knowing if Jane will return to the MCU, but at the very least, there will be plenty for her to do if that does end up happening.

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