What Happened To Henry Foots From My 600-Lb Life After The Show

Henry Foots appeared on My 600-lb Life season 1, and some fans don't know what happened to him when the cameras stopped rolling. There are different outcomes for the series' cast members. Some get their lives back and become inspirations, while others struggle to follow rigorous weight loss processes. Fans were excited to see how far Henry had come on the show.

Many fans are curious about how the stars of My 600-lb Life season 1 are doing now. Melissa Morris lost nearly 450 pounds, becoming a true success story, especially after she started working with the series' renowned celebrity surgeon, Dr. Nowzaradan i.e. "Dr. Now." Donald Shelton lost nearly half of his body weight through the process, but he continues to live with a rare immune system disorder. Ashley Randall and Henry had much sadder stories.


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They are not the only My 600-Lb Life cast members who had tragic outcomes, as many people from the show have dealt with serious issues, such as health complications or depression. Some cast members passed away during filming, from heart attacks that they had during their weight loss journeys. Henry had an inspiring run on the show, with one of the heaviest starting weights in any season, and he has sadly passed away.

My 600-Lb Life's Henry Had A Difficult Weight Loss Journey

Henry Foots My 600lb Life eating take out in a white shirt

Henry weighed roughly 715 pounds at the beginning of My 600-lb Life, and he wanted to lose weight before attending his high school reunion. His journey was sometimes frightening; for example, he flat-lined during one of his surgeries. He said that he felt like he had died, and stated that he saw a light before coming back. Henry eventually weighed 275 pounds, and fans were impressed by his success story. However, for him, there was tragedy in the distance. Henry was 47-years-old at the start of My 600-Lb Life, and the show tracked his weight loss over seven years. After successfully reducing his weight, and getting his life back on track, Henry was able to join the workforce again. He got his job as a shuttle bus driver back.

According to Looper, he had a medical episode in 2012, which may have caused him to lose consciousness while driving the bus, and he killed a woman who was standing on a street corner. Henry passed away on May 16, 2013, at 54-years-old. The official reason for his passing was never released, although it was shared that he didn't die due to the accident, or his weight. He was married to Lycurgus "Kirk" Walker at the time of his death. My 600-lb Life fans were heartbroken to hear about his passing, and will always miss him, and remember his impressive weight loss journey.