Welcome To Plathville: Why Ethan Plath Is Happy To Be Back In Cairo

Welcome to Plathville's Ethan Plath is a country boy at heart and would rather be in Cario, Georgia, than in the city. He prefers to have wide open space and the freedom to enjoy nature and work in his cars. He was reluctant to move to Tampa, Florida, and it has been a point of contention between him and his wife, Olivia Plath.

While Olivia is full of wanderlust and experiencing new things, Ethan is content not to venture too far from home. After all the drama and tension on Welcome to Plathville with Ethan's parents, Kim and Barry Plath, Olivia wanted to distance herself from it as much as possible. Even though he was not happy with the stressful circumstances, Ethan did enjoy living in Cairo and was happy to be near his siblings and have the ability to repair his cars at the auto shop.


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Now that Ethan and Olivia’s marriage is in a better place, they are finding common ground and enjoying time spent together, no matter where they are. Ethan posted photos on his Instagram account looking happier than ever to be reunited with his cars in Cairo with Olivia by his side. He captioned the post, “Working on my classic cars! This 1950 Chevrolet was my very first car at age seventeen and thanks to Olivia I still own it today [...] Every time I see this car or work on it, it brings me Pure Joy! Nothing like a good classic and a good woman!” The smile on Ethan’s face in the pictures truly expresses his happiness to be back in his element, doing what he loves most.

Ethan Plath’s Homeschool Education Encouraged His Passion

Ethan Plath Welcome to Plathville working on a car

Ethan’s mother, Kim, who is obsessed with changing her life, has homeschooled all the Plath children. The quality of their education has come into question on more than one occasion and has stirred up controversy among Welcome to Plathville fans. The curriculum, or lack thereof, left the kids without a high school diploma upon graduating, but Kim has defended her at-home tutelage declaring that she allowed each child to pursue their interests. Instead of preparing in-depth lesson plans, Kim allowed Ethan to work out in the garage repairing his classic car.

During Welcome to Plathville season 4, Ethan confronted his mother about his lack of education. Ethan explained to her how he felt like he was behind his peers and how he missed out on a lot. Kim, whose marriage to Barry was dommed, justified her choices by telling Ethan that he never liked doing his homework and preferred to stay outside fixing things and working on repair projects. Even though Ethan has developed his passion and hobby into a crafted skill set, he still regrets not receiving proper schooling.

Now that Ethan is back in Cairo, restoring his cars, he may also have the opportunity to continue fixing his relationship with Olivia and his family. All the anger and resentment that Ethan has built up on Welcome to Plathville could finally come to an end. Time spent in Cairo is what Ethan has missed all along.