Walker Season 3 Trailer Teases Search For Jared Padalecki's Hero

The latest Walker season 3 trailer arrives teasing the search for Jared Padalecki's titular hero. A reboot of the popular 1990s western drama Walker, Texas Ranger, the series premiered in January of last year and followed Cordell Walker (Padalecki), a ranger and widowed father who returns to Austin to reconnect with his family after a lengthy undercover operation. Following Walker's impressive debut ratings and positive reception from audiences, the network has continued to renew the show, with a new slate of episodes set to premiere on October 6. The last thing audiences saw was an unconscious Cordell in the back of moving vehicle during the closing minutes of its season 2 finale, titled "Something's Missing."


Now, with less than a month until its return, The CW has released a newWalker season 3 trailer. The video teases the mission to find Cordell as being everyone's top priority, with Stella asking where her father and revealing he is trapped in a cell and being tortured by an unspecified group. Check out the trailer below:

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The Walker season 3 trailer is sure to come as good news to fans of the show following the cliffhanger season 2 finale. Those interested in more of the franchise also have the prequel series, Walker: Independence, to look forward to when it premieres the same night as Walker season 3. Why exactly Cordell was the one taken remains the big question looking ahead, and audiences will find out soon enough when Walker season 3 premieres on October 6.

Source: The CW Network