Tower Of Fantasy: All Developer's Log Locations On Artificial Island

After arriving at Artificial Island for the first time in Tower of Fantasy, one of the first tasks Wanderers will be given to do is to "Find the Artificial Island Developer's Logs." This quest is required to get started on setting up the player home, making this objective a mandatory one for those looking to build their paradise in Aesperia. However, the primary issue is that the Developer's Logs are small tablet-like devices with no visual glow or indication of the item's location.


Furthermore, "Find the Artificial Island Developer's Logs" in Tower of Fantasy is an exploration-based quest, meaning that quest markers are not included for completing this objective. It is no secret that the landmass of Artificial Island is vast, covering more ground than the starting zone of Astra. However, finding small tablets with a screen the size of a human hand can be a frustrating experience, especially for those who are only looking forward to building their player home.

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Luckily, community members like WoW Quests have prepared gameplay footage revealing all the unmarked locations of every Artificial Island Developer's Log in Tower of Fantasy. Of course, there is enjoyment to be had with blindly exploring every nook and cranny of the island region. Nevertheless, Wanderers who prioritize progression are encouraged to refer to the index of location details below.

Finding Every Artificial Island Developer's Log In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy All Developer's Log Locations On Artificial Island
No.Nearby CoordinatesNearby LandmarksLocation Details
1145.4, 71.0Base Zero
  • After leaving the airship, head towards the blue Spacerift on the side of the trail directly ahead.
  • This rift will teleport players directly to the location of the first Developer's Log.
294.2, -8.1Base Zero
  • Starting again from Kolador's aircraft, take the path to the right.
  • Walk beside the rock wall and investigate the third tree on the right with multiple branches.
  • The log is hidden in the grass at the base of this tree.
3422.7, 7.1Rusty Iron Camp
  • This next log sits on top of the fallen airship in the Rust Iron Camp.
  • To quickly reach this location from the second log, use the blue Spacerift on the hill to the east of Kolador's aircraft.
4397.1, 301.6Mine Base Mount Sandy
  • From the given coordinates, destroy the suspiciously glowing pile of stones near the cliff wall.
  • Enter the red Spacerift to a platform with a Supply Pod and several Treasure Guards.
  • The Developer's Log can be found on the grassy outer ring of this circular platform.
5-61.5, -251.0Spacerift: Dock Entrance
  • This Artificial Island Developer's Log in Tower of Fantasy can be found on the dirt trail at the given coordinates.
66.0, -394.9Simple Pier
  • On the upper decks of this enemy stronghold, players will find three crates placed near a neon screen.
  • Break these boxes to find the hidden log.
7-154.3, -7.3Puddle Lake
  • This Developer's Log is hidden in the crevice of a rock near several towering rock formations.
8-224.0, 145.7Eyrie
  • Head to the Island Stronghold in Tower of Fantasy west of Eyrie and break the crate near the midpoint of the main stairway to find the eighth Developer's Log.
9-45.1, 9.3Base Zero Eyrie
  • Search for metal sloping pathway west of Base Zero and search beneath the area sign that reads "5 Area" to discover the log.
10284.1, 349.6Mine Base
  • At the Island Stronghold in Mine Base, destroy one of the black canisters next to the parked trucks to find the last Artificial Island Developer's Log in Tower of Fantasy.

Source: WoW Quests

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