Today's Wordle Answer Had The Best Timing For Horror Game Fans

Survival horror fans might be amused by today's Wordle answer, which is coincidentally connected to the upcoming first-person shooter Scorn. The beloved daily word game generates a new five-letter solution every day, which can result in some strange coincidences based on current events. While there is no true Wordle strategy to find answers fast, those looking forward to Ebb Software's upcoming sci-fi shooter may have found today's solution more easily than others.


The likelihood of a Wordle answer connecting to current events is very low, because solutions to the daily word game are prepared very far in advance of their actual use. It has occurred in the past, however, with the New York Times even changing a puzzle on May 9, 2022 due to its relation to controversial events around the time. The original five-letter solution to that day's puzzle was "Fetus," though it was changed later in the day to "Shine." Early rumblings about the overruling of Roe v. Wade and abortion rights had already begun at the time, prompting the May 9 Wordle answer change.

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Today's Wordle answer has once again connected to current events, with the official Scorn Twitter account highlighting the connection. The most recent five-letter solution is, of course, "Scorn." This daily word coincidentally comes only a day after the announcement that Ebb Software's grotesque sci-fi shooter will release on October 14, having moved up from its previously announced release date of October 21. The Wordle solution "Scorn" arrives less than a month before the game of the same name, making it the perfect way to ring in October and the year's spookiest month.

Wordle Turns Scorn Into A Sci-Fi Puzzle Solution

Following in the footsteps of FPS classics like Doom and taking inspiration from the terrifying artwork of H.R. Giger, the violent sci-fi FPS Scorn will take players to a horrifying alien world inhabited by nightmarish creatures. The game will meld the survival horror and first-person shooter genres, with players fighting through a bio-organic labyrinth using a wide array of freaky eldritch weapons. Gameplay in Scorn has widely been compared to modern shooters like Doom Eternal, but its disturbing art style is pulled straight out of Ridley Scott sci-fi flicks like Alien and Prometheus.

Wordle solutions are chosen very far in advance, meaning that any connection to current events is merely an unlikely coincidence. Still, the use of "Scorn" as a word so soon after the announcement of the title's new release date is sure to amuse survival horror fans. October promises to be a particularly scary month, and today's Wordle solution helps build up creepy atmosphere before Scorn launches on October 14.