Tim Allen's Santa Clause Retires In Disney+ Show Trailer

The first teaser trailer for Disney+'s upcoming series The Santa Clauses sees Tim Allen's Saint Nick retire from his gift-giving duties. The long-awaited sequel series to Disney's classic holiday franchise, The Santa Clause, follows Allen as Scott Calvin, an everyday, over-worked businessman who finds himself deemed the new Santa after an accident. Debuting in 1994 to box office and critical success, The Santa Clause earned two more sequels in 2002 and 2006. Lauded as a staple of the Christmas season, the trilogy also features Eric Lloyd, Judge Reinhold, David Krumholtz, Wendy Crewson, and Elizabeth Mitchell.


Earlier this year, Disney+ announced the franchise would receive a new follow-up with The Santa Clauses. Original cast members confirmed to reprise their roles include Allen in the titular role as Santa/Scott Calvin, Krumholtz as Bernard the Elf, and Mitchell as Mrs. Claus. Beyond that, The Santa Clauses will introduce new cast members as the series digs into Scott's latest adventures as Santa. His family with Mrs. Claus has grown considerably in the years since the third film, and the Disney+ series will feature their kids (played by Austin Kane and Elizabeth Allen-Dick) in prominent roles.

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Now, fans have their first look at Allen's Santa gearing up for retirement in the new teaser trailer for The Santa Clauses, shared online by Disney+. In the trailer, Scott reveals that because he is aging and wants to spend more time with his family, he is looking to pass the torch onto a new Santa Claus, and his first candidate is a fun cameo. Check out the full trailer below:

Based on this new trailer, it seems Disney has pulled out all the stops to ensure The Santa Clauses will resemble the North Pole audiences came to know and love with the first three movies. Although the third film, The Escape Clause, debuted over 15 years ago, it feels as though almost no time has passed in The Santa Clause universe. The series looks to have retained the same visual style as the films, and it keeps the overall tone light and humorous while tapping into the magic inherently found within the story. Throw in quick glimpses at those like Mrs. Claus and Bernard, and The Santa Clauses looks like true nostalgic fun.

Disney+ has seen great success with the release of prequels, sequels, and reboots of hit movies and shows. The Santa Clauses won't be the first '90s cult classic to get a reboot on the streaming giant, as The Mighty Ducks made a comeback with the release of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. On the other hand, it's important to note that each sequel following The Santa Clause saw dwindling numbers at the box office, leading the franchise to end with the third film. Whether this is any indication of the show's success is difficult to predict, as time has allowed for a renewed interest in the franchise. Also, with the overall trend of revisiting old beloved movies nowadays, it seems luck may be on The Santa Clauses side when it hits Disney+ this holiday season.

Source: Disney+