The X-Men Are Using Murder To Achieve Their Political Goals

This article contains spoilers for Immortal X-Men #6

The X-Men of the famous Krakoa franchise-wide reboot can now resurrect whenever they want - which means politics just got a lot more complicated for the mutants. Marvel's most famous group of powerful people are currently managing multiple crises at once, and none of them are ending soon. Immortal X-Men #6 reveals the price of resurrection during these times of extraordinary instability for Krakoa: death is no longer something to be feared, but a tool to be used as part of Krakoa's ongoing political game.


In 2019, writer Jonathan Hickman rebooted the entire X-Men franchise with one massive new idea: the island paradise of Krakoa. The relationship between Professor X and Magneto was recontextualized (they were always working together to create a haven for mutants) and longstanding X-Men villains like Exodus, Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister joined forces to create a paradise for mutants, far beyond the reach of human powers or human laws. Hickman's reboot also introduced the concept of mutant resurrection: a way to cheat death using the combined powers of Cerebro, five unique mutants and Krakoa's own unique properties.

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But Immortal X-Men #6, written by Keiron Gillen with art by Lucas Werneck, suggests that mutant resurrection is not only taken for granted, but used as a way to eliminate one's political rivals. As the A.X.E: Judgment Day crossover event rages and the war between the X-Men and Eternals continues on, the mutant Destiny creates a probability graph outlining exactly how each member of the Quiet Council will vote on an important issue: destroying the Progenitor Celestial that threatens the planet. Of note is Destiny's musings below the chart: "Xavier's absence is key. Without him to rally resistance, certain key votes are more likely to go my way -- plus losing his own vote. We must wait until he next dies while defending Krakoa."

The X-Men's Destiny tallies the vote of the Quiet Council

Destiny comes off as quite cruel, but also highly pragmatic. She is actively counting on Xavier to die while doing battle with the Eternals, and plans on holding a vote without his presence. The Quiet Council is made up of highly pragmatic and practical people - Magneto, Mr. Sinister, and Emma Frost immediately come to mind - and no doubt others are thinking similar thoughts. Since it is impossible to murder a mutant for good, killing a politician will simply keep them off the Quiet Council for as long as it takes for the Five to bring them back to life.

Krakoa has laws forbidding mutants killing humans ("Murder no Man") but has no laws on the books for mutants killing other mutants - at least as far as the readers know. Perhaps killing one of the Five would be a truly heinous crime, as without them, no one can return. Even so, the X-Men are treating resurrection as a tool rather than the miraculous process it actually is, and this may only make humanity hate the X-Men even more.