The Walking Dead: Maggie's 10 Dumbest Decisions, Ranked

The eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead will complete this fall, bringing an end to the long-running smash-hit series. However, the planned spin-off Isle of the Dead will continue Maggie and Negan's storyline.

Maggie Rhee, originally Maggie Greene, was a central character from the time she was introduced in season 2. However, her character changed substantially as the series went on. Maggie Rhee is known for being tough and intelligent, proving to be a true leader. However, she also makes some decisions that are far dumber than her others.


10 Keeping The Barn Walkers A Secret

Maggie Greene on the farm in The Walking Dead

One event that changed Maggie in an enormous way was the group coming to the Greene farm. However, things didn't go so smoothly for the original group at first. Not only was her father untrusting of the newcomers, but he also kept some dangerous secrets.

One of Maggie's worst decisions was keeping the walkers Hershel had hidden in the barn a secret. This decision is not only dangerous for others but dumb because it put her and her family at risk too. Though Maggie finally realizes Glenn and his group were right all along about walkers, first choosing to defend her father's clouded judgment wasn't wise.

9 Blaming Lori

Lori and Maggie in front of a horse in The Walking Dead. 

When Maggie and Glenn go out on a run to get things for the group, specifically for Lori Grimes, they run into some trouble, and she almost gets bitten by a walker. This event is central to her character arc because it makes her see that they're dangerous and not just sick.

However, she's extremely rattled by this encounter. In anger, she lashes out a Lori, blaming her for the danger the two of them were in. While it's understandable that she's scared, the situation she found herself in was inevitable to the world they were in.

8 Coming Clean To The Governor

Maggie and Glenn being held hostage in The Walking Dead

There are some things Maggie still needs to resolve, though this incident was quickly overlooked in the earlier seasons. When she and Glenn are captured by Merle and brought to the Governor, she holds out as she's being tormented.

However, when they threaten Glenn, she doesn't hesitate to come clean about their group's location and the number of people within their party. It's hard to blame her when she's under so much pressure and her boyfriend is being threatened. However, this was a dumb decision as she could have come up with a believable lie or inflated their numbers to make them appear as more of a threat.

7 Going Into The Sick Ward

Hershel and Maggie in The Walking Dead

Maggie makes many decisions that are for the good of her people. However, sometimes when she makes decisions to help others it isn't what's best for the whole of the group.

One decision that was particularly unwise and dangerous was when she went into the sick ward in the prison to help her father care for the ill. While she was doing something out of compassion and protectiveness, the disease was extremely contagious and deadly. She couldn't bear to lose those closest to her and stand by, but she also didn't consider what it would mean for the group if they also lost a strong fighter like her.

6 Not Looking For Beth

Maggie and Beth Greene in The Walking Dead.

When the prison fell, Maggie not only lost her father, but was separated from her whole group. That included her sister Beth, who was her only living relative left alive.

After the fall of the prison, she goes searching for Glenn and not her sister. She learns that Beth is alive too late, getting to the scene right after Beth has been shot. She later admits she just didn't think her sister would be alive. However, this was a bit unbelievable considering she thought Glenn was alive, which was about as unlikely as her sister surviving.

5 Insulting Gabriel

Maggie and Gabriel in The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 8

In her rage over losing her sister, Maggie becomes a bit cruel towards other members of the group. Grief affects people differently, but she tends to be overtly harsh to the people around her that help the group in different ways.

When she's suffering over her sister's death, Gabriel tries to offer her some Godly words of wisdom. She could have reacted politely or just ignored him, but instead, she responds in a spiteful and insulting way. Not only is this cold, but it helps to lead Gabriel down a dark path in which he threatens the safety of the people within Alexandria.

4 Imprisoning The Saviors

Negan and the Saviors descend on Alexandria in The Walking Dead

There are some important moments between Maggie and Negan this past season, but before that, she was the person most determined to destroy the Saviors and their reign of terror. She could show some signs of understanding, but it wasn't always in the appropriate ways.

When her group chooses to spare some Saviors during the war, she imprisons them at the Hilltop. However, even though they're spared, she is hesitant to provide them with food and keeps them under constant fear. These actions may have been justifiable, but keeping them alive and suffering only encouraged them to want to fight back.

3 Executing Gregory

Maggie and Gregory in The Walking Dead

Becoming the leader of the Hilltop was one of the most significant moments in Maggie's character arc. However, the position came with a lot of responsibility, power, and enemies.

Gregory, the former leader of the Hilltop, enlists a suffering father to try to kill Maggie at a vulnerable time when she's walking with her infant son. This is the last straw, urging Maggie to make the final decision and hang Gregory for his conniving plan. While this may have seemed like a good call, it also made her seem sadistic among her trusting followers.

2 Going Away

Maggie Rhee and her son Hershel from The Walking Dead. 

One of Maggie's best decisions is when she finally returns to her group years after she went away to join another community. However, this decision was a forced one as her other group have been attacked by the Reapers.

The audience was happy to see her make her return after the time jump, but leaving in the first place didn't seem like the wisest choice. She left at a time when her group needed her guidance and leadership. It also left her and her son vulnerable throughout their travels instead of being home where there were people that would do anything to keep them safe.

1 Threatening Negan

Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Maggie and Negan VS A Walker in The Walking Dead

With the impending spinoff starring Negan and Maggie in the works, it's safe to say that the two of them are going to develop a far more civilized relationship going forward. However, there was no one more determined to kill Negan than her, and no one that was more upset about Rick sparing his life.

Their relationship has slightly improved since then, with Maggie being comfortable enough to let Negan protect her people and fight beside him. Though, when he was first released from his cell, Maggie made it clear she wanted to kill him still. This was a poor decision on her part because it only made him more cautious, even refusing to help her from walkers and nearly having her die in the process.