The Walking Dead: 10 Best Comic Relief Moments, Ranked

This article has videos/references containing blood, violence, gore, and profanities.

With the ending of The Walking Dead nearing, fans are preparing to let go of the original series. Though there are several spinoff series, audiences are still entertained by the show that made this world so popular.

Given the suspenseful and horrific nature of the show, many of the episodes are filled with high-tension situations and deeply serious content. However, there is some comic relief throughout the series that helps to lighten the tension. These are some of the most light-hearted comic reliefs in the show, ranked by how well they worked to release tension.


Maggie Burns Glenn

Maggie laughing on the farm smiling in The Walking Dead season 2. 

Maggie and Glenn are a fan-favorite couple, who started a relationship in season 2 when the group arrives at the Greene farm. However, Maggie struggled to let Glenn in and was seen being a bit cruel to him early on.

However, when she goes with him on a pharmacy run, the viewers saw their connection grow and they ended up having an impulsive sexual encounter. Later on, Glenn reminds her they still have 11 condoms back, to which she responds that that's eleven minutes of her life she won't get back. It was harsh burn towards this popular character, but these small remarks helped lighten the tension growing on the farm.

Michonne's Cat

Michonne and Carl - 10 Reasons the "Walking Dead" TV Show Is Better Than the Graphic Novels

After Judith is born, Carl goes on a run with his father with a secret mission to get the last family photo out of a walker-infested bar. After he and Michonne fail to get the picture, Michonne retrieves it herself, but also grabs something else.

This scene is bittersweet because Carl is still grieving over the loss of his mother. When Michonne reveals she grabbed a tri-colored cat statue while she grabbed his photo, because it was too beautiful to leave behind, it lightens the mood surrounding the situation. This scene also began the strong relationship the two end up developing.

Carol's New Wardrobe

Carol Cookies TWD

Carol's character is infamous for playing her innocent role. Though she's a tough-love person, she harnesses the meek, docile woman she once was in order to fool those she doesn't trust.

She's notably seen doing this when the group first enter Alexandria, dressing in clean, housewife-style clothing. Given how they've dressed throughout the series as they struggle to survive, Daryl scoffs at her attire, telling her she looks "ridiculous." She responds to this by telling him to take a shower, or she'll hose him down. They're all stressed by being in a new environment and this conversation between this iconic duo lightens the mysterious tension.

Eugene Hits On Tara

Tara and Eugene on The Walking Dead. 

After the prison falls, Tara helps Glenn find Maggie. Along the way, they run into Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene, who eventually assist them in their search.

When this new group is about to part ways, Eugene admits he finds Tara to be "hot." As if this isn't awkward enough, she responds by telling him she likes women, with him admitting he's aware of that. Eugene is still new at this point in the series, but this encounter sets the viewers up for him to play the awkward, oblivious "nerd" that relieves the building suspense.

Michonne Eats Morgan's Food

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira as Michonne in The Walking Dead

By the time Rick unites with the man that saved his life in episode one, Morgan's mental health is seen to decline, and they are forced to restrain him. During this time, Michonne eats his food, remarking that the "sign said welcome". This is a comic relief after the audience is shocked to see a hero like Morgan become a villain.

This moment is funny, but is so memorable that her eating his food comes up again much later in the series when Morgan reunites with the group after healing from his trauma. He asks Michonne during a moment of suspense, waiting for a herd of walkers, if she ate his last protein bar. In a show with so much horror, it's nice to see some more amusing subplots.

Rick's Music Choice

Rick and Daryl in a car eating chocolate

After the group attacks the Saviors, which is a moment The Walking Dead fans can't get over, season 8 is largely filled with building tension between the rivaling groups. In a season long and drawn out, and focused heavily on war, a few moments of comic relief made the show more palatable.

One of these moments is when Rick and Daryl go on a run to find supplies. Rick begins turning on a CD, resulting in Daryl begging him not to. The scene gets even funnier when Rick begins jamming along to the music. It did an excellent job of lightening the mood and hinting at the men's comfortable friendship.

Carol's Interview

Carol smiling and holding cookies in The Walking Dead. 

Many of Carol's iconic lines are serious, pointing toward her character's stoic nature and emotional damage. Although her innocent act can be somewhat scary at times, it often offers some comic relief to her usual morbid demeanor.

When the group gets to Alexandria, the audience is wondering alongside the characters what is in store for them at this new place. To relief this suspense, the interviews are more comical than intense (especially the scene where Carol acted like she's only useful as a "den mother" because the audience is aware of all the fierce, terrifying things she's done).

Abraham's Iconic Quotes

Abraham and Eugene in The Walking Dead

When it comes to comic relief, Abraham Ford couldn't be narrowed down to a single moment. From the moment he was introduced, he was spewing out most of the most hysterical lines in the series.

One moment that particularly sticks out for viewers is when he's riding in the RV with Glenn, and he asks if he was trying to make pancakes when he was pouring the Bisquick, which was his way of asking if Glenn intended to get Maggie pregnant. Since there is a lot of tension around Maggie being sick, this conversation helped to ease the fright.

Negan And Gabriel

Negan and Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead

One of the few villains that received a redemption arc is Negan (although there were a few who prefer his villainous nature). Fans appreciate his character now being a good guy, but some of his best lines were those he said while he was still the leader of the Saviors.

When he and Gabriel end up trapped in a trailer surrounded by walkers, he announces his presence by asking Gabriel if he has his "sh**ting" pants on. Although fans wonder at this moment what this encounter means for Gabriel, this line still urges the audience to chuckle.

Stuff And Things

Rick talking about stuff and things to Lori on The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes is not often portrayed as a funny or easily-humored man. Since he's the leader, he's far more serious than anything else. At this moment when he is actually snubbing his wife, he ends up saying one of the most obsessed about lines.

When he tells Lori he has "stuff" and "things" to do without elaborating, the viewers were overwhelmingly amused with this. This line continues to be used in humorous memes and posts created based on the series. Despite it being nearly nine seasons behind the current one, it's hilarious nature is still laughed about today.