The Voice Fans Disagree That Contestant Sounds Like Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello could have sworn her ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes was auditioning for The Voice, but fans don't think that the contestant sounded anything like the Canadian singer. During a recent episode of the singing competition show, 29-year-old California native Tanner Howe auditioned with Shawn's 2016 song "Mercy." Tanner revealed he was excited when he found out that Camilla would be a coach on The Voice season 22, but he had already chosen Shawn's song for his audition. Luckily, Camila wasn't upset about the contestant singing her ex-boyfriend's song, but she didn't turn her chair around because she thought Tanner sounded too much like Shawn.


The Voice coach explained that it's essential to make a song your own when singing it, and she didn't think Tanner did that with his performance. He completely understood and luckily impressed the three other judges enough for them to spin their chairs around for him. Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend all hoped Tanner would join their team, and after some consideration, he went with Gwen. Camila admitted she knows Shawn better than anyone else on the show, as the two dated for a little over two years before going their separate ways. Luckily, they remain friends making Tanner's audition less awkward.

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While Camila insisted Tanner sounded just like Shawn, fans think The Voice coach was mishearing the contestant's audition. @PopCrave shared the episode clip on Twitter, and many fans responded with their opinions on how wrong Camila was. "He does not even sound like Shawn at all," one fan wrote, while another added, "in what world does this sound like Shawn." A few fans came to Camilla's defense, saying she was obviously joking about thinking her ex-boyfriend was on stage, but others called the incident "embarrassing."

Camila Cabello Is A First Time Coach On The Voice Season 22

The Voice season 22 coach Camila Cabello

The Voice season 22 is Camila's first time as a coach on the show. She also appeared alongside John during season 21 as a Battle Rounds advisor for Team Legend. She graduated to a full-time coach when Ariana Grande left, likely to focus on her role as Glinda in the live-action Wicked movie. Kelly Clarkson also left the show after season 21, opening a spot for Gwen to return and coach contestants alongside her husband Blake once again. So far, the coaches have great chemistry together, and Camila's fans have loved seeing her on the show.

Unfortunately, no one seems to be on Camila's side when it comes to Tanner's performance. Maybe she should go back and rewatch the contestant's performance and see if she was just mishearing things in the moment. While Camila didn't enjoy Tanner's performance enough to spin her chair around for him, the other judges did. As a member of Team Gwen, he'll have plenty of opportunities to make every song he sings his own and hopefully prove Camila wrong as The Voice season 22 goes on.