The Vampire Diaries: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Stefan And Caroline's Relationship

A resurgence of supernatural teen dramas and the finale of Legacies has brought back another popular vampire saga with even more love triangle drama, The Vampire Diaries. Among the show's many questionable and short-lived relationships, there was one that went from a dismissive thought in the pilot to endgame: Stefan and Caroline.

The two lovers underwent an interesting journey from acquaintances tied by Elena to best friends to married partners, and the fandom has created many memes to both commemorate and comment on the Steroline relationship and its eight-season development.


10 Caroline's Rambling

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Caroline Forbes has one of the biggest character development arcs throughout the series. However, one thing that remains consistent is her cute tendency to ramble and rationalize through everything.

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As shown in this meme shared by @careandstefan, another consistent thing throughout the series is Stefan patiently and happily listening to her every time, whether it was as a friend in earlier seasons or as someone madly in love with her later on.

9 Tension With Klaus

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While there are many great Klaus and Caroline episodes, it's no secret that Klaus and Stefan also shared great chemistry both as best friends within the story's canon, and also as a popular ship outside of it.

This meme posted by pokes fun at this fact, along with emphasizing how all three have very interwoven relationships and histories, hence highlighting how Klaus is an integral part of Stefan and Caroline's complicated relationship timeline.

8 REAL Epic Love

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Even though there are many ways Stefan and Elena are relationship goals in The Vampire Diaries, the two undoubtedly have more fulfilling and worthwhile relationships with others.

Elena finds happiness with Damon and Stefan finds his home in Caroline, a truly epic love who he would gladly sacrifice any and everything for, as hinted at in this post shared by @careandstefan. While Elena was important to Stefan, ultimately Caroline was the one he was ready to love forever.

7 Caroline Caring For Stefan

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Although Damon and Elena may be one of the best star-crossed couples in teen TV dramas, they were a little self-absorbed, especially in season five when Stefan needed them the most.

Luckily, he had Caroline, his conscience and sounding board, to always put him first and have his back when everyone else was too preoccupied, as shown in this post by @mysticfalls.covington. Caroline not only always stood up for and cared for Stefan, but she constantly made him and his safety a priority every time.

6 Even The Sun Stans

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Stefan and Caroline's relationship had a lot of build-ups, right from the pilot episode where Caroline is attracted to him the first second she sees him. However, nothing romantic happens between the two until season 6.

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When their tension is finally consummated with a long-awaited kiss, it's a true work of art. As noted by @sterolinewon_old's post, even the sun was shipping their wholesome and blossoming romance which was arguably one of the better and healthier ships within the series.

5 Stefan Being Frustrating For So Long

Although Stefan is one of the central and best characters in the series, he is also one of the most complicated and infuriating ones, with many memes that perfectly sum up his character.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Stefan is his inability to pick up on cues from Caroline in later seasons and then constantly messing things up between them, as accurately summed up by @sabrinaswolf. Although he does eventually pull his act together, Steroline could've been together a lot earlier if he had only done so sooner.

4 Better Off As Friends?

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Although Stefan and Caroline are one of the show's most prominent canonical ships, many fans thought they were a forced and awkward pairing, especially in comparison to Klaroline.

There are many ways that Klaus and Caroline are the best ship, most notably their palpable tension and how Klaus prioritizes Caroline in a way not everyone else does, even Stefan. While Steroline may have been endgame, a lot of fans wished they had remained friends and Caroline had ended up with Klaus in The Originals.

3 The End Of Their Story

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Despite all the trials and hurdles Stefan and Caroline had to overcome to be together, unfortunately, the two ends the series separated once again, with Stefan having passed on to the afterlife and Caroline living as his widow.

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This meme posted by @tvdsilver takes a comedic approach to this sad fact, highlighting Caroline's huge loss and also the fact that even with Stefan's departure she still carries him with her as her best friend and soulmate.

2 Healing One Another

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Just as there are a wide variety of the worst things that have happened to Caroline, Stefan also has endured a lot of loss and pain throughout his many years as a vampire.

The two even share many overlapping traumas, from being manipulated into abusive relationships to losing dear mutual friends. However, the two find healing and peace with one another which is an important part of their relationship development, as showcased in this post by @careandstefan.

1 Lobsters

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Despite their tumultuous beginnings and frustrating moments, Caroline and Stefan form a formidable relationship in The Vampire Diaries. Their foundation as best friends ensures they have trust, intimacy, and love already established years before they actually get together, something that makes their bond that much stronger.

As shown in the Friends crossover meme shared by @dreamysteroline, Caroline and Stefan are each other's lobster - their one true love that they will carry forever.