The Kardashians: Scott Disick & Kimberly Stewart's Relationship Timeline

Scott Disick might be watching The Kardashians this fall with his new entanglement Kimberly Stewart, and it's time to look at the pair's long relationship history. Unlike Scott's latest girlfriends, Amelia Hamlin and Sofia Richie, Kimberly isn't a decade younger than Scott. Rather, Kimberly, 43, and Scott, 39, have been friends for over a decade.

Scott made headlines last fall for sliding into Younes Bendjima's DM's to complain about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's endless public displays of affection. The Kardashians' Scott and the wider public were all bombarded with an onslaught of "Kravis" make-out shots. After Younes put Scott's DM's on blast, where he responded saying her was happy for Kourtney, it looked like Scott was starting to accept Kourtney and Travis's relationship little by little.


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Since Kourtney and Travis were married in Italy earlier this year, Scott's been casually linked to several women. In the last year, Scott has dated Bella Banos, Holly Scarfone, and Rebecca Donaldson. While none of these romances stuck, his relationship with Kimberly seems different, according to Us Weekly.

Scott Disick & Kimberly Stewart's Roots

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Before Kimberly introduced Scott to Kourtney, whom she grew up with in Los Angeles, the friends spent time together partying on both coasts. Scott and Kimberly were seen together on several occasions in New York and Miami back in 2006. Paparazzi's even once caught Scott helping Kimberly into a convertible.

Scott Disick & Kimberly Stewart Have Fun Out East

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After Scott started dating Kourtney, Scott and Kimberly were spotted again. The pair continued hanging out together again in 2007 and 2011 in New York and Miami. While there were often photos of the two friends holding hands or looking somewhat cozy, they weren't more than good friends navigating crowded bar scenes.

Scott Disick & Kimberly Stewart's Steamy Reunion

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In 2015, after The Kardashians' star Kourtney finally dumped Scott and his several cheating scandals, he was on the loose and Scott reportedly hooked up with Kimberly. At the time, Kimberly was starring on E! 's Stewarts & Hamiltons, and her mother, Alana Stewart, insisted to the press that Scott and Kimberly were just friends. However, now that they are reportedly dating, who knows what happened between Scott and Kimberly fresh off his break-up.

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Family Time With Scott Disick & Kimberly Stewart

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In May of this year, Scott had dinner with Kimberly and her family. Scott was clearly looking for a safe space as the dinner took place the same weekend Kourtney and Travis had their Italian, Dolce and Gabbana wedding extravaganza. Not only are Scott and Kimberly really close friends, but Scott is also close to her brother Sean Stewart, and her entire family loves Scott.

Nesting Season For Scott Disick & Kimberly Stewart

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Earlier this summer, Kimberly reorganized Scott's already pristine pantry and posted the results on Instagram. The pantry may have been good enough for Architectural Digest in 2019 for Scott, who's not excommunicated from The Kardashian family, but not good enough for Kimberly in 2022. Kimberly elevated Scott's pantry to its highest form, a testament to her work as a personal organizer.

Scott Disick & Kimberly Stewart Have Pasta Night

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Most recently, Scott and Kimberly were out together for an intimate Italian birthday dinner for Kimberly at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica. This dinner seemed like the first indication that Scott and Kimberly were more than friends; and more than a hookup. The very adult setting is a nice change of pace for Scott compared to his bleached blonde Mohawk and yacht blowouts in Miami with Amelia last year.

Based on old clips of Stewarts & Hamiltons, Kimberly seems like a grounded adult with a goofy sense of humor, a vibe Scott's accustomed to after years with The Kardashians. Word on the street is that the Kar-Jenners and Kourtney support Scott and Kimberly in exploring a romance. Something feels very different about this relationship for Scott, and time will tell if Kimberly is the one.

Source: Us Weekly