The Best Strikers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

When building a dream team of international soccer athletes in FIFA 23's Ultimate Team mode, players that want to score fast and frequently should look no further than the Striker position when filling out their roster. As this era of FIFA reaches an end, the upgrades to Ultimate Teams allow more versatility than ever before for players searching for their ideal squad. However, driving in a goal through the most potent offensive powerhouses the series has seen yet, players may end up having far too many options to choose from when building their Ultimate Team.


Competitors from all over the world's leagues come to FIFA 23 with new Ratings based on the 2022 season of play. In many sport simulation games, an athlete's skills are diversified into categories, with points assigned to each. Ranging from straightforward concepts like Agility and Stamina to more abstract skills such as Vision and Composure, players can make inferences on every athlete's strengths. In addition to new Women's Teams in FIFA 23, Ultimate Teams have an added pool of respected icons from soccer to inspect Ratings for.

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Strikers in soccer are machines that make the gears of an offense strategy work. A complex position, the glory of scoring goes to the Striker most of the time, but the manner in which certain athletes approach their role varies. A good Striker needs to consistently control the ball while dodging defenders as they play close to the opponent's goal. Pacey-Attacking Strikers are subtle, hiding behind other players waiting for the right opportunity. At the same time, Target-Men or False Nines hold the ball in place or remain back to attack creatively. With updated mechanics, including improved passing in FIFA 23, players have a plethora of athletes with different styles to consider.

Picking the Best Strikers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The Best Strikers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Arguably the most potent Strikers in FIFA 23's Ultimate Team are Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, and Karim Benzema. Starting with Ronaldo, the legend playing for Manchester United has no doubt retained many of their iconic traits over the years. Although receiving a drop in overall Rating to 90, Ronaldo still dominates as a Striker, boasting a 92 stat in Shooting and 85 in Dribbling. In addition, Ronaldo's experience grants him efficient knowledge of where to place himself for the best angle to score, backed up by his highest stat, a staggering 95 Positioning.

Tying the other powerful young players in FIFA 23 like Kylian Mbappé, Robert Lewandowski has a 91 overall Rating while representing FC Barcelona within the game. A highly damaging right foot drives home a point to opponents as Lewandowski shines through a 94 Finishing stat. Getting the job done during soccer's chaotic situations could prove incredibly valuable to players looking for an athlete that translates crazy strategies into points. Supported even further through a 93 Reactions score, Lewandowski's ability to adapt makes him a versatile tool in Ultimate Team.

From Lewandowski's rival club Real Madrid, Karim Benzema again sports an overall 91 but uses a unique style when approaching the Striker position. Although not as powerful as Lewandowski or as experienced as Ronaldo, Benzema makes up for this through a widespread scoring that makes him a jack of all trades, master of none. Able to read the incredibly realistic pitch of FIFA 23 as well as other top athletes, Benzema's 92 Positioning and 90 Composure compliments a balanced playstyle that doesn't take too many unnecessary risks. In the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 23, the best Strikers are those that score, position, and place it safely in equal measure.

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    The next in the yearly installments of EA's FIFA franchise, FIFA 23 returns as the final entry in the franchise under the association's name. The 2023 entry will bring back the Ultimate FUT features and will feature crossplay for many modes except for Co-op modes. In addition, Fifa 23 utilizes a new system engine known as "HyperMotion2," which analyzes data from real football matches to create an extensive array of animations for players in-game to create a more realistic experience. In addition to these features, FIFA 23 will include both World Cup modes for both men and women. This entry also includes Women's club football, starting with two real-life teams and adding more as the game's seasons advance. Sam Kerr will also be the first female athlete to appear on a FIFA cover. After FIFA 23, EA Sports will continue their Football games under the new moniker "EA Sports FC."