The Amazing Race 34's Claire & Derek's Ages, Jobs, & Instagrams

The cast of The Amazing Race 34 was recently announced via the show’s social media pages, and fans are ready to learn more about last summer's two Big Brother fan favorites, Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss. While Derek and Claire are no strangers to CBS reality television, racing around the world may prove to be this new couple’s greatest, but most challenging, step to date. Among the names of previous Big Brother contestants to make the crossover to The Amazing Race include season 11 favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan LLoyd, season 12 lovebirds Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, and season 19 couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson (who went on to win the entire competition).


Derek and Claire have been familiar faces the past year, specifically on CBS. Derek and Claire appeared on Big Brother 24, where they finished in 10th place and 8th place, respectively. Both were fan favorites, but had their games cut short by a dominant alliance called The Cookout. Closely aligned with The Cookout, Derek and Claire used their impressive social bonds to take themselves far into the season. However, the Cookout ultimately sent them packing for being threats outside the alliance. In particular, Claire’s farewell was a rather emotional one, with her best friend Tiffany Mitchell breaking the news of the alliance to her during a very teary exchange.

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Shortly after the Big Brother 24 finale, Claire and Derek announced that they were dating, and the news made a lot of fans very excited. While they never expressed romantic interest on the season, sparks flew in the jury house, after both contestants had been eliminated. They waited in sequester before casting their votes for the winner of the season, Xavier Prather. The two have been very present on social media, sharing their love for one another with the close friends that they’ve made while doing these reality shows.

The Amazing Race's Derek Xiao’s Age & Job

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Derek is a 25-year-old living in New York City. A Baltimore native, Derek (also known by Big Brother fans as “Derek X”) works as a start-up founder, although his presence this past year has primarily been on TV screens, through Big Brother, The Challenge, and soon, The Amazing Race. Derek was in the running for America’s favorite on Big Brother 24, but he ultimately lost the prize to Tiffany, the mastermind behind the Cookout alliance on their season.

The Amazing Race's Claire Rehfuss’ Age & Job

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Claire is a 26-year-old, who's also living in New York City. She is originally from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and works as an AI Engineer. She was not on the initial cast list for Big Brother 24, but stepped in at the last minute, as an alternate for houseguest Christie Valdiserri, who tested positive for COVID-19. As a substitute, Claire made the most of her experience, and impressed many fans with her gameplay.

The Amazing Race's Derek Xiao’s Instagram

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He frequently updates his Derek Instagram page with posts of himself and his friends, and especially his girlfriend, Claire. For the past several months, a lot of his pictures have been dedicated to The Challenge USA, where he endured very strenuous physical competitions, alongside lots of fellow Big Brother 24 contestants. One was the season's victor, Xavier, and fan favorite, Tiffany. He was eliminated alongside Shannon St. Clair, to finish in 9th place.

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The Amazing Race's Claire Rehfuss’ Instagram

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She similarly posts on her Claire Instagram frequently. As a New Yorker, Claire's pictures are filled with some of the best spots around the city. Like Derek, she adds many couple's pictures on her Instagram as well, showing just how strong their bond is. Their team foundation appears very solid as they head into the Amazing Race season 34.

It will be exciting to see how Claire and Derek do on The Amazing Race. This show is far different from Big Brother, since it is much more physical. It's endurance-based, and less about strategy. However, some recent seasons have seen players implementing strategy more often, which could be a new and emerging trend in the competition, which Claire and Derek may or may not use when approaching their journey across the world. The pair will certainly be one to keep an eye on as their partnership is strong and their potential very high.

The Amazing Race 34 season 34 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 10/9c on CBS.