Thanos & Namor's Villain Team-Up Is Too Good for the MCU To Ignore

In order to save the Marvel Universe from complete destruction, Namor the Sub-Mariner joined forces with Thanos in a Marvel Comics team-up that the MCU shouldn't ignore. After departing the Illuminati after stopping a potential incursion against the wishes of his fellow heroes, Namor decided to form the Cabal, teaming up with Thanos to destroy any possible world that could collide with his universe. The Cabal ended up being one of the deadliest teams of villains ever assembled.


The Illuminati was one of Marvel's most important superteams, as a group of heroes secretly formed together to deal with the biggest threats in the universe. Working in secret for years, the Illuminati ended up making several critical decisions, including sending the Hulk into space after deeming he was too dangerous, hiding and trying to destroy the Infinity Stones, and dealing with Incursions that threatened to destroy the Marvel Universe. However, after Namor the Sub-Mariner destroyed a world that represented a great danger to his own, the hero left the Illuminati and joined forces with the Cabal, teaming up with Thanos in a storyline that could still be told in the MCU.

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In New Avengers #23 by Jonathan Hickman, Kev Walker, Frank Martin, and VC's Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics, Namor the Sub-Mariner leaves the Illuminati after he destroyed an Earth that could have taken out his planet. While the Illuminati wonder where Namor is, it's revealed that he's teamed up with Thanos and other villains in forming the Cabal, a team created to destroy planets that threatened their own universe. For a character who has always walked the line between being a hero and a villain, working with Thanos was one of his most sinister moves.

Namor's Most Sinister Team-Up With Thanos Could Still Be In The MCU

Namor Thanos Cabal Illuminati Marvel Comics

Namor and Thanos teamed up with other villains to destroy worlds that threaten their own. It was Namor at his most villainous, even if his ultimate intentions to save Atlantis and his reality were noble. While inner conflict would eventually fracture the Cabal due to distrust and ego, seeing Namor join forces with Thanos in the MCU would be a lot of fun to see in live-action. Of course, Thanos is dead in the MCU, but with the vast Marvel Multiverse, Namor joining forces with another Earth's Thanos to save both their planets would make for an exciting conflict - and could reintroduce the Mad Titan ahead of Secret Wars.

The King of Atlantis and the Mad Titan's team-up is too good for the MCU to ignore. Even if it was a story in their What If...? universe, seeing Namor and Thanos destroy planets together with the Cabal would make for an epic Marvel Comics adaptation showing their true power and ultimate dedication to survival.