Superman's Greatest Insult Made Joker Look Totally Pathetic

While one might expect Batman to give the Joker the ultimate insult in the DC Universe, Superman actually delivered the greatest dressing down of the Clown Prince of Crime. In Adventures of Superman #14 by DC Comics, the Joker was unleashed in Metropolis. However, when Superman encountered the villain, he insulted him so badly that it was the most vicious verbal take-down the Joker's ever experienced.

While Superman has battled the Joker before and even killed him in the Injustice Universe, one of the more bizarre modern comic stories featured the villain being unleashed in Metropolis as a twisted test from Batman. As a result, the Clown Prince of Crime deployed bombs across the city, leading Superman to track him down and defuse the explosives before they went off and caused death in his home. When Superman finally caught up to Joker, he unleashed one of his greatest insults ever, even stunning the villain with just how vicious the encounter was.


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In Adventures of Superman #14 by Max Landis and Jock from DC Comics, Superman approaches the Joker and tells him his plan to destroy Metropolis has failed. However, he tells the villain that he can go ahead and blow up the Daily Planet since it won't kill anyone but him. Superman tells Joker that he doesn't care about what happens to him and hits him with a blast of his laser eyes. Superman then unleashes his greatest insult, calling Joker "another nobody in a silly costume killing innocent people to hog an imaginary spotlight." He adds that "any writer could write you, any actor play you, and all they need to do is make up their own version, and people will applaud, but no one will actually ever applaud you."

Superman Didn't Relent While Unleashing His Greatest Joker Insult

Superman Greatest Insult Joker DC Comics

Superman doesn't stop there, telling Joker he could be totally insane and doesn't have a code or rules while threatening to throw him over a ledge. Finally, Superman, who has had his own version of the Joker before, ends the confrontation by telling him to get the hell out of his city, as the villain leaves being embarrassed by the Man of Steel's greatest insult.

The storyline with Superman's greatest insult is not in the main continuity, hence the liberties with Batman's actions of unleashing the Joker in Metropolis and Superman seemingly not caring about threatening to kill the villain. Still, the comic led to one of the greatest insults in DC Comics history, as Superman made the Joker look pathetic while giving him a much-deserved verbal barrage.