Steelrising: How To Beat Unstable Statuary Ram (Boss Fight)

Beating the Unstable Statuary Ram boss in Steelrising is less intimidating than it looks at first glance. The Tuileries as a whole is a complex and challenging area of the game, and even the automatons roaming the streets become more difficult. As with all battles in this game, as long as the player can read the pattern of the boss and utilize their items well the fight isn’t terrible. The biggest thing to do is make sure that Aegis is appropriately leveled up and upgraded for the area, otherwise, the fight is much more difficult.


Steelrising is a French Revolution-themed soulslike where the main protagonist is a sentient automaton. With gameplay references to Bloodborne, Darksouls, and Elden Ring, the game requires the player to think tactically. There are a number of things that make the game challenging, among them the fact that the player must reach vestals in order to save, and using a vestal makes enemies respawn. Functions like this make defeating bosses even more challenging. In this steampunk alternate history, the player must navigate Paris and defeat the automaton titans to free the people.

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To get to the Unstable Statuary Ram fight, the player needs to fight their way through Les Invalides and The Tuileries. Along the way, there are battles with automatons that fire canons, spin like bladed tops, and use trumpets like maces. With these enemies, learning how to parry, or counterattack, is as important as ever. Many of them deal alchemical damage as well as physical, so aside from physical damage, there is also the risk of being frozen in place or damaged by electricity. Inside the building that the Statuary Ram walks through, there are four of Steelrising’s lesser automatons hiding.

Beating Steelrising's Unstable Statuary Ram

Paris burning in Steelrising's official game trailer

Two of the trumpeters walk the upper floor and taking them out before dealing with floor one is the easiest way to start the area. Then there are two automatons with electrified weaponry that crouch directly behind each set of stairs at the beginning of the map. At least one can be severely damaged with a sneak attack before alerting the other. If the player has learned how to upgrade their favorite weapons, dealing with them should be easy. These are some of Steelrising’s very simple automats that require a minimal amount of work to defeat. The trumpeters on the second floor take a little more work and a lot more dodging. Once all four have been taken care of, the Unstable Statuary Ram is easier to confront. With the map cleared, the freedom of movement around the area is the most valuable piece of the puzzle.

The Unstable Statuary Ram is slow, and his attacks require a lot of balance recovery, giving the player plenty of time to dodge attacks and get hits in while he’s still rebalancing. Unlike defeating the Unstable Lightning Ram earlier in Steelrising, the player can’t rely on the musket to freeze him and allow for more attacks. Generally, the best tactic is to do ranged damage as much as possible and be quick about flitting around him to pepper him with attacks. His hits may be slow, but they do a lot of damage. Fire grenades are useful as a ranged weapon and will do extra damage if they set the boss on fire. Enough frost grenades, at least three, will freeze him and allow the player to get more melee attacks in.

The main attack to worry about is when he jumps to slam his ram down. If the player doesn’t dart out of the way, the attack deals a lot of damage and can put them very close to the Unstable Statuary Ram for too long. As Spiders' co-founder Jehanne Rousseau's interview about Steelrising suggests, each boss has its own tactical mechanics. Overall this particular boss fight is much easier than it looks at first glance but does require patience from the player as they dart through the columns of the room. The player will want to make sure that they always have room and stamina to dodge attacks, otherwise, this boss will win the fight every time. Beating the Unstable Statuary Ram in Steelrising requires a balance of quickness and ranged damage.