Steelrising: How To Beat Unstable Forger (Boss Fight)

To beat Steelrising’s Unstable Forger, the player needs to remember the tactics they’ve used for other boss battles of the game. Aside from ensuring Aegis is appropriately leveled up for the fight, the tactic to win requires only the musket and a strong melee weapon. The most challenging aspect of this fight is the small and cluttered arena that it takes place in.

Steelrising’s automaton-flavored French Revolution setting is a creative adventure for players to explore. King Louis utilized an army of unstable automatons to quell the revolution of the common people and set Paris aflame. Marie Antoinette’s personal automat, Aegis, is the only one that can be trusted, so she must find out how to stop it. The player unlocks locations and collects items throughout Paris to defeat the automat army. As Paris burns around her, commoners hide in their homes begging for help, and bloodthirsty automatons attack at every turn, Aegis is Paris’ only hope for peace.


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The Unstable Forger is a boss that lurks in the Factory Docks area of Steelrising. Once the player has explored the Factories, they can slide into the gritty dock area of the map. This area’s boss fight is important to the game's progression because the Unstable Forger guards the path to fixing a steam engine that powers the lift to Vaucanson’s workshop. Without access to Vaucanson's workshop, the player can't unlock the next map and can't find the weapon to destroy Steelrising's breakable walls that are seen throughout Les Invalides. Going through The Forge is the only way to fix the lift and get into the workshop.

Beating The Unstable Forger In Steelrising

Beating The Unstable Forger In Steelrising

Fire Resistance oils can be useful in this fight because The Unstable Forger primarily uses fire-based attacks with melee attacks. As with many hefty damage-dealing automats in Steelrising, utilizing the frost damage that the musket deals to freeze the enemy and then hitting it with melee damage while it’s frozen is the best tactic. As long as the player can avoid getting pinned into a corner and dodge the Unstable Forger’s heavy attacks, the battle is easily winnable. Also important for winning boss battles is knowing how to upgrade Aegis' weapons in Steelrising, but the player should take into account whether the weapon is one they want to invest in.

If the player is fast enough and doesn’t want to deal with the Unstable Forger, they can dart past it and unlock the doors to leave the area. As with any boss battle, defeating the boss is recommended due to the leveling benefits that the player gets. The more automat titans the player defeats, the better rewards to Aegis’ build and the easier it is to navigate Paris in Steelrising.