Steelrising: How To Beat The Alchemist of Luxembourg Titan (Boss Fight)

Steelrising is home to many challenging enemies, but none more so than the eight titan bosses, among which is the Alchemist of Luxembourg. Steelrising is set in an alternative-history French Revolution, as an army of robots wanders the streets of Paris. Tasked with solving this problem is our protagonist, Aegis, who is also an automaton and the bodyguard of Queen Marie Antoinette. As players explore the world of this fast and fluid soulslike game, they will be faced with many strong foes, the toughest of which are titan bosses, as they have the most health, unique moves, and even multiple phases.


Unlike mini-bosses, which are unstable supped-up versions of regular enemies, titan bosses are completely unique. They are also likely to be the most challenging foes that players will face in the game, and to be successful they will need to master proper dodging and stamina management. Stamina is what limits the protagonist, as both attacking and dodging will consume it. Running out of stamina can therefore be extremely dangerous, as it leaves players completely unable to defend themselves against enemy attacks.

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Before facing this tough boss, players should also make sure to level up their character as well as upgrade their weapons in Steelrising. Doing both of these things requires Anima, the game's main currency, which players can farm by defeating enemies and respawning them at Vestals. To upgrade weapons, players will also need special crafting materials, which can be obtained by opening chests, defeating enemies, or buying them in boutiques.

How To Defeat The Alchemist of Luxembourg in Steelrising

Steelrising How To Beat The Alchemist of Luxembourg Titan (Boss Fight) leg sweep

The Alchemist of Luxembourg can be found at the Palais du Luxembourg, and although it is not the most difficult boss in the game, its wide array of fire, electric, and frost moves can make it very challenging. This boss excels at attacking from range, something that players should avoid by sticking as close to it as possible. Other than that, the best way to beat this boss in Steelrising is to keep circling it to avoid most of its frontal attacks and watch out for its leg sweep move, which can be avoided with a properly timed dodge or jump.

The Alchemist continuously tries to back step away from the players if they are within melee range, which they can use to their advantage by trying to pin it against a wall. The second phase makes things trickier, as the boss gains three new abilities that make staying at close range more dangerous. However, it is still advisable that players stick close to the boss and keep circling it just like in phase one, but avoid hitting it more than once or twice in a row in order to be ready to dodge at a moment's notice. After defeating this boss in this underrated soulslike game, players will obtain 7500 Anima, the Alchemist’s Ram, a Grade II Survival Instinct Module, a Module Key, and an Orichalcum Ingot.

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