Star Wars: 15 Best Pilots In The Rebellion & Rogue Squadron

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  • Andor has hit Disney+ and brought back a key figure from the Rebellion-era of the Star Wars Universe. A part of the spin-off movie Rogue One, Cassius Andor was instrumental in securing the Death Star plans, which allowed the Rogue One Squadron to destroy the Death Star in A New Hope. However, there is a lot more about the Rogue Squadron than just what was shown in the movies so far. A Disney+ series is coming soon focusing on these elite fighter pilots, and from the books and games, there are plenty of extraordinary fighter pilots who have served the Rebellion and New Republic throughout the years.

Rogue Squadron fought and conquered the oppressive empire with a handful of ships, some ace pilots, and most of all, hope. The pilots themselves received little camera time in some of the movies, while others are only known in the comic books and novel adaptions. However, even without their backgrounds explained, their actions spoke for them. These are some crafty pilots capable of out-maneuvering canons from Star Destroyers and lasers from TIE Fighters.


Not all the pilots made it to the end of the battle, but their valiant efforts never went unnoticed. One small sacrifice meant life or death for the entire rebellion, proving the dedication and loyalty they had to the restoration of the Republic.

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Andor has hit Disney+ and brought back a key figure from the Rebellion-era of the Star Wars Universe. A part of the spin-off movie Rogue One, Cassius Andor was instrumental in securing the Death Star plans, which allowed the Rogue One Squadron to destroy the Death Star in A New Hope. However, there is a lot more about the Rogue Squadron than just what was shown in the movies so far. A Disney+ series is coming soon focusing on these elite fighter pilots, and from the books and games, there are plenty of extraordinary fighter pilots who have served the Rebellion and New Republic throughout the years.

Jaina Solo

Jaina Solo in Star Wars

People who only know the Star Wars movies learned that Han Solo and Princess Leia had a son named Ben, who turned to the Dark Side and became Kylo Ren. However, in the books, they had three children and the two oldest were twins named Jacen and Jaina. In these novels, it was Jacen who turned to the Dark Side while Jaina remained a force of good.

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Jaina trained as a Jedi as a child and then joined the New Republic military when she grew up, becoming a renowned Rogue Squadron pilot. She commanded the Rogue Squadron during the Battle of Tralus, which saw her and Jacen finally split, with Jacen growing increasingly dark and Jaina becoming a beacon of light. After Rogue Squadron, Jaina played a large role in finally ending the long-raging war.

Kasan Moor

An image from the 1998 Rogue Squadron game

Lieutenant Kasan Moor was the commander of the Tie-Fighters when Luke Skywalker fought in the 128th TIE Interceptor squadron attacks. This happened in the 1998 Rogue Squadron video game. Moor was conflicted, as she was from Alderaan, and its destruction shook her up.

In this battle, Moor reached out to the attacking Rebellion and asked to defect. While slow to trust her, Wedge Antilles finally let her in after she helped them win the battle. This helped her leave the Empire and join Rogue Squadron, although she was never seen again in future games.

Myn Donos


Myn Donos is a human pilot who served with the Talon, Wraith, and Rogue Squadrons. Before this, he was a sniper for the Corellian Armed Forces, but he felt shooting unsuspecting people was wrong and joined the Starfighter Command instead. Within one year, he was a lieutenant and was given his own Talon Squadron when he graduated.

When it comes to his worth in the Rogue Squadron, this was thanks to Wedge Antilles noticing him and recruiting him to the Wraith Squadron after Myn's own Squadron was decimated, with him as the sole survivor. Myn joined Wedge with the Rouge Squadron, and he flew in the Thrawn campaign, and he was part of the Battle of Bilbringi that resulted in Thrawn's death.

Bror Jace

Bror Jace on his Star Wars playing card

Bror Jace was one of the original members of the second reformation of the Rogue Squadron. He wasn't like other pilots who scratched their way to their positions, though. He was a member of a prominent corporation that allowed him to get his position thanks to a mixture of his piloting skills and his political connections. He also carried himself with an arrogance that was unlike his fellow pilots.

That does not take away from his skills as a Rogue One pilot. He was fully dedicated to the New Republic, and he was a masterful fighter, with 22 total kills on his various missions. He even faked his own death to help work with rebels on his home planet before returning to Rogue Squadron and finally helping free his planet. He retired as a survivor and true warrior.

Pash Cracken

Pash Cracken and Rogue Squadron

Pash Cracken joined the Galactic Empire and learned the skills of a fighter pilot, before he eventually led an entire win of TIE Fighter pilots in a defection to the Alliance. He then made his name by leading his own team to destroy a Victory-class Star Destroyer, becoming a legend among pilots.

During the New Republic, Pash wanted a new challenge, so he asked to transfer to the Rogue Squadron. He was a key part of the attack that captured the Empire's capital world of Crouscant, and then he later flew in the battle against Grand Admiral Thrawn. In the end, Cracken was part of the primary attack that allowed Lke Skywalker to bring an end to the war.

Jek "Piggy" Porkins

Jek Porkins flying his X-Wing fighter.

An obvious nickname, Porkins made a brief but notable appearance as an X-Wing pilot at the Battle of Yavin. He met a grisly end when debris from the Death Star's Deflection Towers hit his ship, causing him to drift into the crossfire of canons from below.

However, behind the scenes, he's known for much more including a habit of hazing new recruits. After the empire built a military base on his homeworld, Porkins decided to join the rebellion in their efforts to restore the Republic. In fact, he even took part in the Batte of Scariff alongside other Rogue Squadron members seen in New Hope.

Biggs Darklighter

Baggs Darklighter talking to Luke Skywalker.

Before joining the Rebellion, Biggs dusted womp rats in Beggar's Canyon on Tatooine alongside his friend, Luke Skywalker. After graduating from the Imperial Academy he defected to the Rebellion and returned home to tell Luke of his plans. The scene was deleted from the original cut but can be found online, taking place at Toshe Station where Luke never got the chance to pick up some power converters. Outside of this, Biggs is known for his honorable sacrifice in the Battle of Yavin to ensure Luke's survival.

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Redirecting his ship's power to the engines, Biggs sat idly as bait while Luke made a successful trench run and fired his torpedos. Darth Vader eventually caught up with Biggs and took him out without delay.

Derek "Hobbie" Klivian


Like Biggs, Hobbie joined the Imperial Academy before defecting to the Rebellion and earned his nickname while there. Like many other pilots on this list, their characteristics and attitudes never came to full fruition and can be found in the expanded universe comic books.

As one of the most skeptical pilots on this list ("Two fighters against a Star Destroyer?"), Hobbie was Luke's wingman against the AT-AT's. His use of the tow cables brought down the armored transports and bought time for the escape. However, the AT-AT's were no match for him as he was taken down with one blast from their canons.

Tycho Celchu

Tycho Celchu flying his X-Wing fighter.

Hailing from Alderaan, Tycho joined the Rebellion after the destruction of his planet. Even worse, he was talking to his family via Holocron when the Death Star carried the sentence out, stealing the opportunity to say goodbye. Tycho went on to fight alongside Wedge Antilles in the Battle of Hoth and Endor, making it out of the Death Star II with Lando and co..

Tycho was both reliable and integral to the Rebellion, being one of the few to see the fall of the empire. Above all, Tycho was known for doing whatever it took to get that job done, including surrendering himself to the empire to act as a spy.

Zev Senesca

Zev Senesca in an X-Wing fighter.

He's found them, repeat, he's found them. Zev was introduced to Star Wars fans at the beginning of Empire Strikes Back while searching for Luke and Han. After a relatively quiet upbringing with a job at Kestic Station, Zev joined in on the action to help the Rebellion.

Not only that, but Zev had one of the coolest voices in Rogue Squadron. Just his call sign and search while the trumpets tick in the background was enough to convince fans he'd be a great character. Unfortunately, Zev was killed at the Battle of Hoth by an AT-AT while making an attack run. He and his co-pilot died in the crash, following Luke's own close demise with Dak.

Wes Janson

Wes Janson in a Snowspeeder on Hoth in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Wes Janson may have been the copilot to Wedge Antilles in the Battle of Hoth, but his aim with the harpoon could have been sharper. In fact, Wedge and Wes were the first to successfully take down a walker with their tow cables. Afterward, the dynamic duo went on to pilot their respective X-Wings as escorts the Rebellion transporting fleeing Hoth.

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Despite his absence in expanded universe novels and comics, Janson's use of the harpoon cable saved the rebellion fleet and foot soldiers from certain death. Had he not have done this, none of the infantry and speeders (likely including Luke too) would have perished.

Corran Horn

Corran Horn looking serious

This name may be a bit of mystery to some as Horn never made an appearance in the movies, but on paper instead. As a force-sensitive pilot, Horn was one of (if not the most) brave and courageous pilots Rogue Squadron had.

Not only that but after his career as a pilot, Horn went on to become a Jedi master and even reigned as leader of the New Jedi Order. His path is similar to that of Luke's, but instead of taking down Vader and the Emperor, he assisted in the defeat of Admiral Thrawn.

Gavin Darklighter

Gavin Darklighter flying his X-Wing.

The cousin of Biggs, Gavin's upbringing was identical to Luke's, if not exactly the same. Gavin grew up as a moisture farmer with dreams of becoming the greatest pilot in the galaxy, spending his say shooting womp rats in the deserts of Tatooine. However, Gavin always loomed in the shadow of his cousin who was remembered as a hero for his sacrifice in the Battle of Yavin.

Alongside other notable pilots, Gavin took part in the campaign on Coursacant in the days of the New Republic. His dreams finally came true when Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu retired from Rogue Squadron and handed their leadership titles to him.

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker pilots an X-wing in Star Wars

Despite his status as a Jedi, Luke was not present during the fight over Endor but instead alongside Darth Vader facing the Emperor. However, Luke's role in Rogue Squadron was integral, being the only surviving X-Wing pilot (aside from Wedge Antilles) from the Battle of Yavin.

His use of the force and idea to use tow cables in the Battle of Hoth was ingenious and saved the Rebellion from a swift defeat. His rise from the deserts of Tatooine bulls-eying swamp rats to taking down TIE Fighters labels him as one the most iconic figures in the Rebellion.

Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles leading the Rogue Squadron.

Battle of Yavin? check. Battle of Hoth? Check. Destroying the Death Star in the Battle of Endor? Check. Wedge Antilles is simply legendary because of his efforts in all three major battles of the original trilogy.

Not to mention his role in the Rise of Skywalker, Wedge has been dedicated to the Rebellion since day one as one of the most skilled pilots in the galaxy. Reserved yet well-spoken, Wedge always came through and stopped at nothing to help his co-pilots, even saving Luke a handful of times.

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