Star Wars: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Cassian Andor As A Character

Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) might have seemed like an odd character to headline his own live-action Star Wars series considering how his journey ended in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but as the premier of Andor arrives, fans may find themselves surprised at how much they come to root for the Rebel spy during the chaotic early days of the Rebellion.

In Rogue One, Andor was a different sort of hero than fans had seen before; a cynical and jaded everyman who needed to be reminded of the merits of fighting for a cause larger than himself. Fans have been celebrating the underdog who learned to believe in optimism again with a variety of hilarious memes.


He Resisted Republic Militarism

Andor was caught up in the turbulence of the Clone Wars when, no more than a boy, he could scarcely understand the difference between the droid armies of the Separatists and the Grand Army of the Republic as they blasted their way across the galaxy. To make matters worse, when his father protested against Republic militarism, he was killed.

He could have easily become collateral himself, but instead his psychology became forever altered by watching the Republic become the Empire overnight, cementing his mistrust of government authority and totalitarian regimes. The death of democracy in the galaxy left a lasting impression on Andor as a boy, explaining his deep-seeded belief in the Rebellion as a man.

He's Been In This Fight Since He Was Six Years Old

As Andor so memorably told Jyn Erso in Rogue One, when she accused him of not being committed enough to the Rebellion's cause, he'd been fighting since he was six years old. He didn't have a "choice" to join a side, it was decided for him when he became the equivalent of a child soldier.

As this meme, depicting a tiny Cassian Andor cosplayer highlights, Andor's backstory reveal a very dark side of the Clone Wars and of the Rebellion. It's easy to view wartime in the Star Wars galaxy as an abstraction when the devastation and repercussions aren't shown up close and personal.

Cassian Andor Represents The Corrupt Side Of The Rebellion

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Who can forget when Andor killed his informant on the Ring of Kafrene? Afraid Tivik might be caught by Imperial stormtroopers and betray the Rebellion, Andor silenced him before he could be taken into custody. It showed that even the "good guys" could do malevolent things if pushed hard enough.

In the early days of the Rebellion, operatives did what they had to do to see results. Cell leaders like Saw Gerrera became even more emboldened, splintering from the Alliance to Restore the Republic and going their own way when more organized progress was not enough. Andor represents the cost of change on a galactic scale.

Andor Is An Underdog

Fans loved the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, but it came with legacy characters with backstories that had been decades in the making. Andor, by contrast, features lots of new characters and a few legacy characters who have yet to be properly explored in live-action.

Like the series itself, Andor is an underdog; a scrappy spy, pilot, and soldier who has done whatever it takes to get the job done. Beneath his surly demeanor he has a big heart because he knows what struggle and pain is like to endure. He may not be the most popular Star Wars hero, but he's the most authentic.

He Helped Steal The Death Star Plans

Without Andor and his friend's brave mission to steal the Death Star plans, Princess Leia would never have put them in the hands of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and Luke Skywalker would have never used the weakness they contained to destroy the Empire's superweapon. The destruction of the Death Star was the biggest win the Alliance ever had against the Empire, and cemented it as a threat to the Emperor he wouldn't forget.

The mission to secure the plans came at an incredible cost of life, but it was necessary to show the actual results of something so daring. The good guys might win, but not in the way that's expected, and may lose far more than fans expect. In the end, the symbolism of their sacrifice becomes more important than their live as individuals.

He's A Regular Person In Extraordinary Times

One of the reasons why fans loved Rogue One so much is because it was a film that focused on its characters, imbuing each of them with drive and a motivation. Andor wasn't a cipher, but a complex person with a messy backstory, and his choices reflected the chaotic environment he grew up in. It was easy to see why he behaved as he did, even if it made others uncomfortable.

In fact, Andor wasn't even all that likable as a character, but he could still be a hero without winning an award for congeniality. With him at its center, Andor will no doubt be a series that stays true to the roots of Rogue One as a series devoted to its characters.

K-2SO Is His Best Friend With An Attitude Problem

Some of the funniest quotes in Rogue One came from the scenes between Andor and his loyal droid co-pilot K-2SO, formerly in service to the Empire. There was something special about a Rebel spy and an ex-Imperial droid learning how to get along in a galaxy full of opposition.

Only Andor would let K-2SO pretend to take him prisoner (and give him a slap for insubordination), a testament to the level of mutual trust and respect between them. The origins of their friendship, previously only available as a one-shot comic, will make for a fascinating sub-plot in Andor if it's explored.

He Gave His Life For The Alliance To Restore The Republic

Like many who gave their lives in service of the Rebellion, Cassian Andor was a hero who died for a noble cause. He knew that if the Alliance to Restore the Republic had a chance of surviving, he would have to channel his conviction into the ultimate sacrifice.

The end of Rogue One is one of the most tragic endings in any Star Wars movie, but from it rises a tidal wave of hope. Andor's sacrifice makes him a martyr, and he becomes a symbol of the Rebellion's victory over the Empire, and an inspiration to thousands.

Andor Has A Lot To Prove

Fans might not have liked Obi-Wan Kenobi, and found a lot of things that didn't make sense about The Book of Boba Fett, but both of those series had passionate fanbases that became very invested in their plots to an almost obsessive level. The same fanbases who complained about those series may find themselves joining in to hate Andor.

Even if misery does love company, the espionage-focused series might end up being a surprise hit for fans that watch it with low expectations. Because Cassian Andor is a relatively obscure character without a great deal of backstory, anything that happens to him will appear new and exciting, and best of all intentional.

Andor Could Be Everyone's New Favorite

It's no secret that Andor has a lot to prove as a series, especially since it doesn't have a Jedi, a Skywalker, or any other recognizable Star Wars storylines at its center. Hopefully, the story of the Rebellion's origins, serving as the backdrop for Andor's metamorphosis from disillusioned soldier to Rebel spy and later galactic hero, will prove captivating enough.

It's clear that Andor is slowly becoming a character of interest again, in no small part to the caliber of talent embodied in Diego Luna. Where once he and his cast mates were only found on HBO Max programs, they now levy their considerable acting talent on Disney+, to the benefit f Star Wars fans everywhere.

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