Splatoon 3: How to Get More Cards for Table Turf Battle

The host of all-new content offered in Splatoon 3 is certainly enough to get Squid Kid fans excited about the game's release, and one of these brand-new features includes the Tableturf Battle card game. This minigame involves collecting over 150 unique cards to play a 1v1 simulation of a Turf War, tasking opponents to cover the most tiles on the board with their color. While this Splatoon digital card game might look somewhat simple, intricacies and deep strategic mechanics could likely make the minigame its own competitive sport in the community.


Nevertheless, the main purpose of Tableturf Battle is to give Splatoon 3 fans a space to wind down after a Splatfest or somewhere they can use their mental strength while resting their mechanical skills. Furthermore, there might be players who have less interest in winning card battles and instead find the aspect of collecting every Tableturf card a thrilling process.

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Still, regardless of the reason that Splatoon 3 fans choose to play Tableturf Battle, they will need to know how to get more cards. Of course, the game will provide everyone with a basic stack that can be utilized to compete in matches at the start. However, as time goes on, the game will likely shift as players gain more experience and knowledge of how to win. Therefore, having the best card for overcoming a specific situation will be crucial for a Tableturf Battle victory in Splatoon 3.

Unlocking More Tableturf Battle Cards In Splatoon 3

Unlocking More Tableturf Battle Cards In Splatoon 3

As of September 9, 2022, Splatoon 3 fans are either playing the game now or waiting for the title to become available in their region. Therefore, newcomers who did not participate in the beta are likely still learning how the game's systems function. As a result, how to unlock new Tableturf Battle cards is still a mystery for many. Fortunately, the official Twitter for Splatoon North America has provided information on how players can get their hands on new Tableturf cards at the end of August 2022. Now that the game is just about out officially for everyone, players can use the following primary methods to earn new cards for this engaging minigame in Splatoon 3.

No.SourceObtainment Details
1Rank Up
  • Whenever players reaches a new rank in Tableturf Battle, they will receive a pack of new cards.
2Shell-Out Machine
  • Using Conch Shells from in-game activities, players can have a go at the Shell-Out Machine, which functions similarly to a gacha capsule machine that drops random cards.
  • Players can buy common cards directly from the Catalog Shop in Hotlantis using Catalog Points.

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