Southern Charm: Why Taylor Ann Green Wants A Clean Break From Shep Rose

Taylor Ann Green from Southern Charm is hoping for a clean break when it comes to her relationship with Shep Rose crumbling. The two dated for years, with many viewers feeling like Taylor may have tamed Shep's wild oats. Sadly, the union wasn't meant to last, and the two recently called it quits.

Southern Charm fans were well aware that Shep enjoyed dating around and embraced his bachelor lifestyle. That is why so many were shocked when he introduced Taylor as his girlfriend back in season 7. Known as the Playboy of Charleston, Shep made it known that he enjoyed casually dating and had no intention of committing to the institution of marriage. Even though he was given a spin-off in 2018, aptly named RelathionShep, the trust fund kid just didn't seem to want to settle down. When Taylor entered the picture, Shep did seem to warm up to the idea of some sort of commitment, but inevitably he got cold feet.


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It makes sense that Taylor would want a clean break from Shep to try and heal herself. Southern Charm viewers are currently watching Taylor come to grips with how badly Shep has treated her. Fans were stunned to see Shep call his girlfriend an "idiot" after a simple egg toss game. Southern Charm star Taylor has already revealed that she needs time to heal in order to move on in a positive direction. Fans empathized with her after she shared a now-deleted Instagram story revealing that while the duo has kept a cordial relationship, she didn't want to hear what her ex was up to.

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Taylor and Shep called it quits in July after revealing the news via their social media. Shep's past infidelities have plagued Taylor and their relationship since day one. Fans just watched as Craig Conover revealed even more cheating allegations to cameras, with some stories coming to light. For Taylor, the lack of trust was the main reason for the split since Shep has real issues with monogamy. Taylor now needs time to fall back in love with herself.

Most Southern Charm fans felt that Taylor always deserved better. While Shep is well-educated and has money to spare, it can't make up for his wanting to date other people. Taylor needs to learn that she is enough as she is. Fans are hoping she finds a man who accepts her and shows her genuine love the way Shep could not.

Source: Taylor Green/Instagram